Jetty shares the key with its wardrobe malfunction

The City Girls are known to be quite open and open-minded, but this past weekend, rapper JT was a little too free when presenting an award on stage at the 2022 Billboard Music Awards.

2021 Rebellion Summit

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The Miami rapper walked the stage with her City Girls sister, Yong Miami, to present the awards for the top R&B artist, and she did not know that there were flaws in her dress while on stage.

The City Girls Complex sat down with Speedy Morman in the 360 ​​series and shared what happened that night when Jetty accidentally showed off her underwear.

“We went to our seats and the first person we saw was like Megan Thi Stallion and she said, ‘Daughter, your daughter is out.’ And I was like, ‘Huh?’ Because I had no idea.

He said Megan tried to warn him when he got on stage but he never looked down. “I did not try to look anyone in the face. They were sitting under us. “

“I turned it off, I was like, ‘Really?’ And then I went to my seat. … And then I checked my phone and I told Keresha [Miami]”It’s very uncomfortable.”

JT quickly became a trending topic on Twitter and news headlines spread like wildfire.

One user commented, “Did anyone say anything to JT?” Another user wrote “They were out of the screen for 15 seconds and her outfit has not been fixed #BBMAs yet.”

Jetty had the first reaction.

However, once Jetty realized that the only thing showing off her underwear was actually being able to joke about it and turn it off.

It’s life and uncertain things happen every day. Have you handled the thin jetty situation well? Let us know below!

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