Jillian Brown has signed with Donda Sports of Kanye West

Celtic star Jillian Brown has announced that she has signed a deal with Kanye West’s Donda Sports joint before the NBA Finals.

Miami Heat vs. Boston Celtics - Game Six

Source: Maddie Meyer / Getty

Donda Sports in Kanye West is starting an impressive recruitment season ahead of the summer.

Earlier this year, NFL star Antonio Brown announced that he had signed with Donda Sports. Besides signing, he also announced to be the president of the organization. One of the first things Brown mentioned was his interest in buying the Denver Broncos, which had recently acquired QB Russell Wilson.

This weekend, future NFL Hall of Famer Aaron Donald has announced I am an athlete The podcast he signed with Donda Sports. Donald revealed that he is excited to join the group and that it is consistent with what he and his wife want to do off the field.

Celtics have released Jelen Brown as Donda Sports’ first signatory.

According to TMZ, Celtics star Jaylen Brown is now, technically, the first signatory to DONDA Sports. When the announcement was officially made, Yeh and Zelen joined when Kanye took part in the Celtics and Golden State Games in March.

Brown’s “intelligence, social activism, and charitable work” puts him on the Donda radar, and Yeh thinks he can help Brown get to the next level. On Thursday, Brown and the Celtics will face Golden State in the NBA Finals, and Yay will probably be there to support him.

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