Jim Jones Explains How He Is ‘Only Responsible’ For Kid Chudi’s Career [Video]

A lot Kid Cudi Fans know that the rapper initially left his own kingdom Ohio For New York City To pursue his dreams in the music industry in the mid-2000s.

After coming, he was contacted Dot the Genius, A-Track, Plain PatAnd even got Connie West Attention, while hitting the gold with his hit song, “Day and night

However, during a recent interview VIP Saturday On Sirius XM, Jim Jones Revealing how he contributed to the rise and fame of Chudi’s career, he became the first big-name artist to remix “Day ‘n’ Night”.

“Man, there’s nobody here!” Jones said. “He used to work in a fucking store under Coach Records. I had signed Coach Records. I didn’t know Kid Chudi worked there. At the time Lisa Brant’s nephew was doing some work for me in my studio and she said, ‘Yeah, I manage these video directors, I want them to shoot a video for you.’

“I like, ‘Show me the video.’ They showed me the video, which ended up being a baby cud video that they shot for free. They say, ‘Yeah, this is the kid who works inside the fucking rock’ n ‘roll store under the coach.’ And I was, ‘Give me the record and I’ll let you all shoot a video.’ They recorded me, I recorded, they shot the video, “Jones said.

Later in the interview, Jim Jones was asked how his “Day ‘n” Night “cover ended? Hot 97, Where it has gained a lot of exposure.

According to Jim, someone at the station took it YouTube And it aired, but he was off track.

“I put it on YouTube. Someone from Hot 97 ripped it off YouTube and started running it on Hot 97, ”he continued. “When [Cudi] He had a deal, they took me off the record and went on the ad without me on the record. That’s what DJ Cassidy did. You know I bumped into him, even though he’s my man. While this is always a joke, it does happen. I Alone Baby Chudi is responsible for her career. You can tell her that, and she’ll tell you, ‘She’s right.’

Chudi did not respond to Jim’s claim.

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