Jocelyn Hernandez reacts after the Miami tip was reflected in strip club days

The star of reality Jocelyn Hernandez And renowned foreign dancers and entrepreneurs Miami tip The war of words has started on social media.

The Miami Tip starts with a share dispute Throwback image From when she and Jocelyn were together at the Strip Club promoting their new book, “Down.” The photo shows both women naked on stage with a captivating caption that doesn’t seem to be at the root of the animosity.

“That’s not how you start. That’s how you end it!” Tip post begins. “Dancers see a lot and go through a lot! In my age, we didn’t say we wanted to be strippers when we grew up. Some of us had a hard time, and we did what we had to do!”

After a quick applause from Jocelyn, Tip got angry and fired back “Love and Hip-Hop Atlanta” The star shared a recent video of Tip Jocelyn appearing on stage with the club, hiding around her with a dollar bill. In a follow-up post, Tip shared a photo from inside his book with a long caption addressing Jocelyn’s shady comments.

“I’ve been dancing for four years, and I’m proud of myself for that!” He shared. Later in the post, Tip wrote, “I didn’t have to try to dim someone else’s light to enlighten me!” After leaving Nightlife, Tip established his popularity Stay fly in my sleepwear pajamas and loungewear brands. He also appeared “Love and hip-hop Miami.”

Puerto Rican Princess His IG also addressed the situation, letting it be known that he left the strip club 12 years ago, despite “Jocelyn’s Cabaret” The Striptease series is a club head nationwide.

“I visit 4 nights a week. The words of my song sound all over the world. My show is 100 percent sold. Please don’t compare yourself to me when you’ve been in the strip club all your life.

It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.

Hopefully, women can kiss and make up before beef becomes a real life fight right from the house of love and hip-hop writers.

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