Joe Exotic’s ex-husband files Prenup, Joe calls it fraud

King of the tigers Star Joe Exotic Says a prenup filing by her ex-husband Dilion Passage A case of fraud.

Many would think it would be foreign to ask for a prenup but his lawyer, Autumn Blacklase, said there was never such a document.

However, Dillon’s lawyer filed a prenup on Friday, which separates the property and assets brought to the marriage and the property and assets acquired during the marriage, TMZ reported.

Blacklage says Joe never signed the document and he believes the filing is a stall strategy to further delay a final divorce decree from Dillon, which will allow him to continue making money from his relationship with Joe.

The attorney also accused Dillon of selling some of Joe’s personal items for his own gain while Joe was locked up.

Blacklase claims that Dillon never met Joe in prison.

Clearly, Joe is in deep financial debt. Her attorney says her total assets are $ 65,000 and her debt is a staggering 100,052,000. Although his annual income is only $ 7,800.

Dillon has a k 20k student loan and $ 110 in his checking account, with a total value of 20,110. But he is said to have earned $ 1 million from his ex.

Dillon’s lawyer, Parastu Majed, said: “The pre-agreement was legally entered into by both parties and I will issue a full statement over the weekend.”

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