Joe Gorga of RHONJ says he did not forgive Teresa for dis

Joe Gorga of RHONJ explained the comment, suggesting nieces would be homeless without him, say he "Epic" Because of the family drama, and confirmed that he did not forgive Teresa "B-Teach" Dis

Joe Garga Appeared in Tuesday’s episode Watch Live What Happens In addition to husbands (and a fianc and an ex-husband) The real housewife of New Jersey During the casting and appearance, he recently made a controversial remark about his wife Melissa GorgaIts podcast.

After giving advice Teresa Judis She and Melissa should be thanked for maintaining the show during her 11-month imprisonment, which she claims allowed her children to live in their former Montville, New Jersey, mansion and keep food on their plates, Joe clarified in his statements.

In the episode of 17 May WWHLOne virtual fan wanted to know why he said his nieces would be homeless if it weren’t for him and Melissa, Joe admitted, “I didn’t mean homeless.”

“It simply came to our notice then. We went through a collapse, ”he explained.

But Andy Cohen Quickly pointing out, “We stopped production for a while until Teresa came out [of prison]”

“Right,” Joe replied, adding that he and Melissa had their own “storyline” and identified his role as “epic.”

“This Joe has become an epic because of the family drama. Right? ”He asked.

“You’re involved. You go there,” Andy agrees.

As RHONJ Fans may have heard, Joe Melissa mentioned in the podcast that she took action for Teresa’s family because her then-husband, Joe JudisIt was not working then.

“How about ‘Thanks?'” He asked. “Because when he was in prison, Joe was not working at all. So they had no income. If we hadn’t been on the show, their kids wouldn’t be in that house yet and would have food and whatever they had. “

Also turned on WWHLJoe was asked if he had forgiven Jennifer Aiden To call him a “B-Teach boy.”

“I apologize to Jennifer, ‘B-Teach boy.’ Really, no disrespect from him, means nothing. But for my sister, no, I’m not for my sister, no I don’t forgive [her]”

Although Joe didn’t apologize to Teresa, he offered to apologize, via Instagram, “I’m so sorry that doesn’t mean there was so much that happened during the taping that I lost myself ৷ I love you Ton XOXO.”

The real housewife of New Jersey Season 13 is expected to begin production later this month.

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