John Schach has accused Randall Emmett of threatening the family

Actor Jonathan Schach has accused Randall Emmett of threatening his family and being "Rotten" After learning, he had dinner with a Pump Rules cast member and revealed his relationship to his wife

Jonathan Schach Called Randall Emmet In a series of Instagram posts.

After working with film production and her current fianc, Vanderpump rules Star Lala KentIn a movie years ago, Jonathan took to his Instagram story, where he accused Randall of threatening both him and his family, including his wife. Julie Solomon.

“In 2016, I was ready to start a film in Bulgaria and I got a late night phone call from Randall Emmett (Fifty),” Jonathan wrote, according to a shared screenshot. Bravo and cocktails On Instagram. “He asked me if my wife had dinner with anyone from the reality show Vanderpump rules. I told her yes, I like it [four] A few months ago. “

“She started threatening me and my family,” he added.

Jonathan called Randall Emmet to threaten the Schach family

More details of her drama with Jonathan Randall in an Instagram video that has been shared on YouTube.

As he recalls, Randall learns that his wife has gone to dinner with someone Pump rules Mentioned the relationship between the cast member and Lala and Randall, who was married to his ex-wife. Amber Children In time

“Randall Emmett, who was the producer, and there was something going on between the saliva. And so my wife went where she was, she was in Hollywood for a dinner and she turned to saliva Vanderpump rules The co-star and said, ‘My husband, he’s doing a movie with Lala in Mississippi.’ And he asked, ‘What is it?’ My wife didn’t think anything of it, didn’t think there was anything big going on. And that’s how it started, “Jonathan explained.

Then, four months later, he received a call from Randall.

“I got a terrible call from Randall, yelling, screaming, threatening me that he has $ 36 million,” Jonathan shared. “I don’t know why he was so angry but I think he was going through a divorce and he doesn’t want his wife to know that he is cheating on her. But the world [knew]”

Jonathan went on to reveal that Randall later called Julie.

“He called my wife. She was very rotten. I don’t know why he had to track her down but she, it wasn’t fair to her, it wasn’t very kind to her. It was wrong. He did nothing wrong, ”he said.

Pump Rules fans are well aware that Randall and Lala began their relationship when he was still married to Amber, the mother of his two eldest children, and is now working as a co-parent of their own child, one-year-old Ocean, after the divorce. In October 2021 which was provoked by his alleged deception.

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