Join Sweetie, Rick Ross, DJ Khaled, ‘Celebrity Game Face’ Season 3

Let’s have fun and start the game!

Celebrity Game Face Key Art

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Star-studded Season 3 of ‘Celebrity Game Face’ Rick Ross, Sweetie, DJ Khaled and many more

Hosted and executed by Kevin Hart, the third season of “Celebrity Game Face” will return on Tuesday, June 21 at 9pm ET / PT with new celebrity contestants and Wilder games as the pair go on to win the “Heart of Champions” trophy and their Paid for charitable work of choice.

Each team will compete in a home game such as “Guilty as Accused,” where Kevin accuses one blindfolded member of each team of dirty privacy and their partner guesses whether they are guilty or innocent; “Cake Heads”, where each contestant piles a complete package of cupcakes on their partner’s forehead, and “Sounds Fish”, where celebrities have to sing their five favorite childhood songs underwater.

Talent has reached even greater heights this season and we’ve been delighted to see some of our favorites including Maurice Chestnut, Big Boy, Sweetie, Angela Yeh, T-Pain, Tank, Rick Ross, Pretty V, DJ Khaled and TI enlisted for the Stardust Roster. Done.

Watch the trailer below:

A complete list of celebrity pairings this season includes:

Cedric the Entertainer and Tichina Arnold, Maurice Chestnut and Palm Baise, Amanda Siles and James Bland, Jimmy Kimmel and Guillermo, KK Palmer and Darius Jackson, Matt Isman and Akbar Gabazbiamilla, Lamorne Moris and Monica, Lamorne Morris and Monica JB “Bates, Rick Ross and Pretty V, T-Pain and Amber Nazam V, TI & Tiny, Jeff Ross and Seth Green, Natasha Lagero and Moshe Kashar, Jimmy O. Young and Tony Newsom, Brie and Nicki Bella, Xavier Woods & Cicero, Naomi & Jimmy Uso, Willim & Apple D’App, Julie Bowen & Chad Sanders, Gabriel Iglesias & Alfred Rubles, Amber Rafin & Jeff Rawlase, Taran Kilam and Ronnie Kimble, Dion Cole and Brooklyn Mary, Neil Brennan and Bianca Sia, Tank and Jenna Foster, Jay Leno and Kevin Ubanks, Wayne Brady and Jonathan Magnum, London Hughes and Tehran von Ghasri, Big Boy and Byn. And Nicole Tuck, son-in-law of Sashi and Caitlin McGee, Jermaine Fowler and Katrina, Dulles Sloan and Ben Bergman, Anthony Ramos and Sarah Steinway Iss, Chris and Vanessa Spencer, Charlemagne tha God and Nyla Simon, Sweety and.

Who are you routing for?

Watch the first two seasons of “Celebrity Game Face” now streaming on Peacock.

“Celebrity Game Face” is produced by Kevin Hart, Jenny Daly, Tom Foreman, John Bear, Brian Smiley, Mike Stein, Michael Canter and Jeff Crasc, executive producers of critical content and produced by Heartbeat Productions.

“Celebrity Game Face” will premiere on Tuesday, June 21 at 9pm ET / PT E!

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