Jonathan Majors in the teaser trailer for the war thriller ‘Bhakti’


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Source: Sony pictures / Sony Pictures

Jonathan Majors Jesse Brown (the first black man to fly on behalf of the U.S. Navy) flies into the epic ‘Bhakti’ of the upcoming Air War, which tells the gruesome true story of two elite U.S. Navy fighter pilots during the Korean War.

In the end, the heroic sacrifice will drive them into the history books as the most famous wingmen of the Navy.

“It’s a story of breaking through society’s limitations and breaking down one’s own fears, and the legacy that leaves,” Majors, 32, said in an interview. People About the buzzing film based on Adam Macos’ Epic of Devotion: Heroism, Friendship and Sacrifice.

Watch the thrilling teaser trailer below:

The majors also revealed that he and Bhakti Coster Powell, 33, Joe Jonas And Darren Kagasoff Close the screen as well.

“Glenn was really good to get all the boys together,” he said. “He and Joe, Darren – all the boys – they would get together and play in the park. And the park was just down the street from my house, so when I was walking my dog ​​or riding my bike, I would see the boys and we would hang out.”

The Majors also worked on set with emerging film star Jonas.

“I always played my music, but Joe Jonas also played his music and we would set up outside the trailer and we would run, we would jump rope, we would do pushups as a team,” he said. Shooting in Savannah, Georgia.

“We will work and then go to the scene. We had a mix of a boy band and a football team. We just made room for each other. “

‘Bhakti’ is flying to theaters on October 28, 2022.

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