Judge Heather of RHOC addressed the “Min Girl” remark

The RHOC's Tamara Judge addressed Heather Dubro "I mean girl" Teddy shared the Melankamp Theory and commented on why Heather "Threatened"

It is Heather DubroIts world – everyone else lives in it.

In the May 5 episode of her podcast, Heather became crystal clear about her dissatisfaction. You are the judgeWho committed the ultimate sin (he criticized Heather’s choice The real housewife of Orange County)

He further advised that Tamra should not return to the show and listed the reasons. Heather’s co-host took it one step further, emphasizing that nothing was going on in Tamra’s life.

“I can literally cry over it,” Tamra said in her own podcast, “To T’s in a Pod,” Heavy. “No, because she was such a bad girl that there was no need. And I talked [Heather] Later, as I sent him a message which was not very nice, and he called me, and we talked through it, but I heard [Dubrow’s podcast] Maybe five times later, and I mean just like I’m doing this. That’s the decent thing to do, and it should end there. “

Tamra was also injured by the co-host. “[Jefferson] “It’s weird when ex-cast members are watching your show, and their lives are being defined as if they were on your show,” she said, referring to me. “He said ‘Tamra has become a blogger from your friend’ and more than once they called me a blogger and said I have to get a life… as if it’s a bad thing for me to watch the show.”

He added, “And then Heather said, ‘How did you get back from there and why would you follow me? There’s no room for Tamra on the show right now that she’s a blogger’… it seemed like they were constantly trying to get a message about me.”

Tamra, who did not understand why Heather was upset, was “confused” by the remarks. Teddy Melankamp (Co-host of “To’s In A Pod”) claims that Heather should be mad His Instead of Tamra (because he once claimed Heather was “self-produced”).

“She may be upset with me, you are always behind her,” he said The real housewife of Beverly Hills alum

Teddy shared his theory of why Heather commented. “Why is he so threatened by you that he has to take you down? I think it’s almost because he’s worried you’ll come back. [on the show] And he can’t call all the shots anymore. “

Tamara further suggested that Heather had a specific purpose.

“I want, ‘Why did he do that?’ He was posting a message, clear message and I think it was Bravo, I think you are right, I think he wanted to make me look bad, he wanted to imply that I am a dirty blogger and there is no place for me on the show. “

Tamara explained that she was “hurt by the feeling”, although she had “talked it over” with Heather, and they apparently agreed to move on. “But I’m getting a lot of messages about it,” said the mother of four. “And I wanted to make it clear, I’m not going after that [Heather]”

In the ‘housewife’ game, Heather is a smart player. He knows what the producers are looking for – and what they want to avoid If Tamara is portrayed as an uncompromising blogger, she is less likely to get her orange back.

In the past, Kelly Dodd Heather suggested a puppet master, pulling all the strings.

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