Katie and Tom want to choose the side of the coasters

Raquel Lewis claims Katie and Tom "Expectations" The coasters will choose the party to comply with the LVP vanderpump rules "Tough moment" In the middle of divorce

Katie Maloney And Tom Schwartz Claiming to be in a super-friendly divorce. But are they really?

As the ex-couple insisted that despite Katie’s decision to end their 12-year relationship earlier this year, they have successfully maintained a friendship with each other, a new report suggests that their Vanderpump rules Customers are being forced to take sides.

“I feel like Tom and Katie, they hope [people to pick] The party, unfortunately, ” Raquel Lewis On Saturday, Vanderpump told Page Six on the Dog Foundation’s sixth annual World Dog Day. “It simply came to our notice then [changed the dynamic]Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT aint for me either.

According to Raquel, he “doesn’t get that obsession” from Katie and Tom, but he hears Sheyana bed That cast section is upcoming.

“Sciana [Shay] By the way, you should ask him, “he explained.

But Shiana was present at the event with her fianc Brock Davis And their one-year-old daughter, Summer Moon Honey DavisThey did not appear on the pink carpet for the press conference.

Katie and Tom also did not appear on the pink carpet, instead choosing to spend time together briefly before going their separate ways.

Back on the carpet, Lisa VanderpumpThe host of the event said that when it comes to the upcoming 10th season Pump rulesHe believes fans will see “some tough moments” between Katie and Tom

“The thing with this cast is, they are emotionally very open. Maybe it’s because they grew up with cameras, you know? It’s been 10 years, “he explained. “They are very comfortable sharing their lives. I think it makes for interesting television. It’s a human journey, and it’s a journey that has to do with a lot of people. “

And while Lisa admits that things were particularly “tough” on Tom, she suggested that she not lose hope for a future reunion.

“Who knows? Maybe the fat lady hasn’t sung yet,” he said.

No matter what happens to Katie and Tom, Lisa says viewers should expect “a lot of change” from season 10.

“It’s always moving. I don’t think any season will give exactly the same show because there are a lot of moving parts and things change,” he noted. “A lot has changed, you know, with Raquel and James. [Kennedy], And Tom and Katie. There are so many types it’s hard to say. “

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