Katie Maloney has faced a backlash for sharing a sad clip of Tom

Katie Maloney has faced a backlash for sharing "Sad" Tom's clip in the hot tub as he prepares to move out of their home, plus Vanderpump's Rules Star shared a photo after a drink from Venice

Katie Maloney The seemingly estranged husband is in the fire after being spotted Tom Schwartz In a humble moment in their separation.

Shared in a clip Vanderpump rules In the star’s Instagram story earlier this month, Tom was spotted sitting in the jacuzzi of their 1.9 million Valley Village home, where he agreed to his upcoming move from the residence, saying his last dip in their hot tub would probably be over.

“Well, this is probably the last time I’ll be here … I’ll have to get a new hot tub,” Tom said looking at his wife.

Vanderpump rules Tom Schwartz in the hot tub at the wedding home for the last time

After sharing the clip on Reddit, a user who thought Tom was “too sorry”, many other Redditers wondered why Katie would share such a clip.

“I think sometimes we forget that these are real people going through real life events. It’s sad, “said one source.

“Why would he post this?” Another surprised.

And the third one agreed and said, “I had the same idea … it seems like a very personal and sad moment.”

Others said Tom was not happy, with one person saying he looked “absolutely sick.”

“It simply came to our notice then. I know he’s a terrible person, but he seems to be breaking down, “said one.

“A. It makes me really sorry for the guy,” added one fan.

As the comments continue, questions arise about Katie’s motives.

“WWF was his point to post this?” Someone asked.

“It just means,” said another.

In the midst of the controversy, Katie became apparently anxious as she explored Europe in the days that followed. Stacy Schroeder And Beau ClarkHer marriage in Rome.

“I lost count of how many apparel spritz I have,” Katie captioned a May 14 post, showing a slideshow of photos and a video of a reality star walking along a Venice canal and through city buildings.

Vanderpump rules 10 seasons are expected to go into production in the coming months.

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