Katie Maloney shares updates with Tom, talking in dog custody

Pump Rules' Katie Maloney reveals her "There has been a date" And choice "Flirting" After the split, he offers to update his relationship with Tom and share the dog's custody

Katie Maloney Dating after separation from divorced husband Tom Schwartz Earlier this year.

Attendance time Bachelor alums Beka Kufrin And Michelle YoungTuesday’s podcast, Vanderpump rules The star confirmed that she enjoys “going on dates” and “flirting” because she also offered an update on where she stood with Tom in their divorce and explained their custody arrangements for Dog Butter and Gordo von Freundenheimer.

“[I’ve] Was on a date, ”Katie shared in the May 24 episode Bachelor Happy Hour Podcasts, via Page Six, note that she prefers to “go out” when she’s “not trying to find a boyfriend.” [and] Flirting. “

According to Katie, she hasn’t used the app yet because she likes to meet people in her daily life.

As Pump rules Fans may know that Katie and Tom parted ways two days before Valentine’s Day and in the following months confirmed the end of their marriage with an emotional statement on their Instagram page.

“I never thought I would have to make such an announcement. But I think it’s important that I’m open about my life with you, “Katie wrote in her March 15 post. “Tom and I are ending our marriage after 12 years of an adventurous life together. This ending is not filled with annoyance or hostility, choose either side. We have a deep respect for each other that will last forever and we cherish our friendship. Although we may live in different ways, we will continue to love and support each other’s happiness. Thank you all for your kind words and support. ”

In Tom’s statement, he admitted that although his heart was hurting, he was “OK”.

“[I’m] I don’t want to arouse any sympathy here. I’m not a victim. I will not write a very sad song. Fully respect Katie’s decision and we’ve had a healthy, productive conversation about it. It will be even more tragic if she decides to stay with me instead of being happy, “he explained.

During another podcast appearance, in the favorite media Relationship-t In the podcast, Katie says that despite her separation from Tom, the two have remained close and are currently splitting up in their pet custody.

“We still do things together,” Katie said, through E! News. “Some of our friends have the same group, and we have dogs that we will take care of separately … He is my family, and I will always love him, so our friendship is very important to both of us.”

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