Kayla responds to Nicole rumors that she broke up with Travis Kells

Kayla Nicole and Travis Kells are now a popular celebrity couple among sports fans year after year, but many still want to know when their breakup (and finally reunion) took place in 2020.

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Thanks to a (seemingly completely fake) article circulating on social media this weekend, Kayla and Travis have started circulating the internet with a rumor calling for it to be dropped.

According to Bar stool, They’ve dated for 5 years, Kells apparently gave Kayla Nicole 50/50 share of every bill, dinner, trip, etc. “The purpose was to prove to him that he was not in it just for the money and actually liked him,” the outlet claimed.

The report said the NFL star’s longtime girlfriend received only 100 100 from Kells during their 5+ year relationship, making the matter even more irrational.

“Travis is very cheap,” Kyler’s friend told the outlet. In the beginning he tried to ‘prove’ to Kayla that he was not with her for money. . . So he had to pay half of everything. ” The tipstar continued, “Half of every date, every trip, everything.”

The rumor spread widely on the Internet; While some fans wondered why Kayla would stay with Travis for so long in such a situation, others (whose names included $ 23 men) thought that Kayla was wise enough to pay her daughter in her own way to prove that she was not with him. Money

In the end, Kayla caught the rumor and straightened things out, saying the whole article was “nonsense.”

“I’m not sure where you got this nonsense from, but it’s irrational and very false,” he wrote.

Interestingly, this is not the first time the couple has been arguing over money on the Internet.

In the summer of 2021, Kayla talked about not being able to afford designer clothing in an Instagram story post, revealing that she can’t shop in Zarathustra. In the next several videos, he further questioned how Instagram’s influential people were able to carry so many designer items without breaking.

While this is probably a question for many people, the issue has caused so much controversy because people assumed that Travis – who signed a $ 57 million deal with the NFL in 2020 – was cheap with his girlfriend, with whom he has been dating for several years. Now

In response, Kayla took to Twitter to tell fans that her boyfriend was treating her fairly, writing, “Me, my man, and my $ 50 corrosive clothes are still on a yacht in Tahoe Sweet. All your worries are under me. “

Kells retweeted her feelings, adding, “She’s independent … stop acting like I don’t care for my baby girl !!”

If my guy earns about 15 million a year, I don’t want to be independent … but hey, it’s just me! You do, Kayla.

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