Kelly Dodd says Bravo fired Gina and Jane at RHOC, Emily Beck?

Kelly Dodd suggests that Bravo fired Gina Kirschiniter and Jane Armstrong at RHOC because Shannon responded, plus confirming Emily Simpson's return.

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Fans may have seen the last Gina Kirshenhitter And Dr. Jane Armstrong On The real housewife of Orange County – At least if Kelly Dodd Is believed

A series of new posts shared on Instagram and Twitter, which came later Heather Dubro Apparently his sure and Shannon BidorReturning to the series, Kelly reveals what she knows about Shannon and the season 17 casting. Emily Simpson Also talk about where they stand in terms of upcoming episodes.

“Shannon called me and told Heather to set up a luncheon with all the girls,” Kelly wrote, according to a screenshot. Real housewife franchise On Instagram.

According to Kelly, Heather is acting like she’s a producer and “definitely thinks she’s driving Bravo.”

“He only took a picture of Shannon because he knew Gina and Jane were gone. It was a luncheon without filming,” Kelly explained of Heather’s Instagram story earlier this week. “Why wouldn’t he post pictures of other girls? She’s fake and knows Shannon is one [shoo] In .. just trying to set a record for you .. obtw, he didn’t invite [Noella Bergener]”

Kelly Dodd claims that Gina Kirschiniter and Jane Armstrong have been fired from RHOC

But after seeing Kelly’s claim, Shannon made it clear that the source of Kelly’s information was not his.

“I never said I knew who was coming back RHOC And who not because I don’t know, “Shannon confirmed. “I do not even know if I will be asked to return. Those events. And if Kelly hears it, it’s not from me. “

Shannon Bidor claims that the RHOC status is not certain

Although Shannon claims to know nothing about the casting, Kelly discusses Gina’s alleged departure from the show after a fan asked her to comment on the report.

“It simply came to our notice then [six] The kids have broken into the two bedrooms now it’s going to go down [one] Bed with [six] Kids I feel bad for kids, they may have to go with my look [Britt] And hot dad [Matt Kirschenheiter]!! “

Kelly even suggested that Gina must be abandoned by her boyfriend, Travis MullenIf he is really expelled from the series.

“Guarantee that Travis will drop him !! Look,” he said.

Kelly Dodd Gina Kirsheniter fired from RHOC, Travis dumping her

Meanwhile, on Twitter, Kelly Shannon responded to her denial RHOC Casting news. He said that although he told fans that Shannon had called him about Heather’s lunch date earlier this week, Shannon had not given her information about the casting.

“Just to straighten the record, [Shanon Beador] This story was not my source !! Shannon has no idea what’s going on !! It’s funny [Heather Dubrow] I think he knows a lot! ” Kelly tweeted.

Kelly Dodd admits he didn't get RHOC casting information from Shannon Bidor

Also this week on Instagram, after sharing a picture of herself in full glam and using RHOC In her caption hashtag, Emily denies that she has been dropped from the series.

“Someone said [you’re] Not coming back RHOC Season 17: It’s better not to be true, “wrote one fan.

“That’s not true,” Emily replied.

Emily Simpson has denied that she was fired from RHOC before Season 17

The real housewife of Orange County In May, Bravo renewed for the 17th season.

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