Kelly’s prisonhouse friendship with alleged subway shooter Frank James

In today’s episode It is better not to turn it into a reality showJelhouse has become a BFF with the humiliated R&B icon and convicted sex trafficker R Kelly accused Brooklyn, New York, subway shooter Frank James.

That’s right, Bert and Arnie, a black man accused of being involved in mass shootings, turned out to be a good man, a well-known sex offender who was once touted as the king of R&B.—And my 2022 bingo card is going off.

Both men are currently being held at the Metropolitan Detention Center in Sunset Park, where Kelly is awaiting punishment for sex trafficking, and James, a federal terrorism suspect, is awaiting trial for the April 12 subway shooting that took place last Friday.

“It simply came to our notice then. They actually sit down and eat together, “a source told the NY Daily News. “They talk about TV shows. They go to rec together. They are buds. “

One has been convicted of human trafficking and the other has been charged with shooting in public places to avoid traffic, but, apparently, these two unlikely comrades have found peace in each other’s company.


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From Daily News:

The two men are in a unit with problematic lockups where government associates are also present, as both are high-risk detainees, sources confirmed. James has a bankmate, while Kelly has his own room, a source said.

Despite their uncertain future – both could spend the rest of their lives in prison – James and Kelly manage to find some comfort behind bars.

And in prison, Kelly is not only befriending people suspected of mass shootings, but he is apparently giving immediate concerts to people who come to the MDC. The Daily News reported that he had recently silenced a crowd in the prison’s visiting room so he could give them an acapella performance of “I Believe I Can Fly”. (Hopefully, after being sentenced, he will spend the rest of his life not being able to touch anything high above the roof of his prison.)-Leave the sky.)

However, Kelly’s lawyer, Jennifer Bonjin, appears to be trying to downplay her client’s relationship with James.

“Mr. Kelly has no control over who he is with,” Bonjin said. “A friend is someone you hang out with voluntarily.”

Frank James

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Imagine that your client is a hunter and Kelly and you are afraid that he is going to make friends with another prisoner. Him If something bad happens, James’s attorney should take his client aside and say, “Bruh, have you seen? Survival and Kelly? Are you sure you want to catch that n *** a on the bench press? ”

The crazy thing is that this is not Kelly’s first emerging bromance with the alleged domestic terrorist since the lock-up. Last year, he was slammed with MAGA enthusiast Brendan Hunt, who was convicted of threatening to assassinate Democratic U.S. senators in retaliation for “stealing” the 2020 presidential election from former commander-in-law-thief Donald Trump. . Hunt even created a comic strip to prolong his prisonhouse friendship with Kelly.

Kelly’s prison life looks more like the worst episode of HBO Oz Never SMH

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