Kevin Hart is producing a two-part documentary honoring the evolution of black comedy

Kevin Hart And his Heartbeat production A two-part documentary will debut A&E NetworkEvolution Highlights Black comedy.

Mini Dock, title “The Right to Crime: The Black Comedy Revolution,” Black comedians will explore how time has stood the test of time, using humor to start conversations and change racial injustices and social problems in the neighborhood. The show will take viewers back in time Red Fox, Dick Gregory and Moms Mabelly, Who used comedy to fight racism during the civil rights movement. The “right to crime” will then move on to today’s comedians, highlighting the contributions of comedians such as Dave Chappell, “America is Coming” star Eddie MurphyAnd “Safe” producers and actresses Isa Rai.

“Right to Offend” will feature archival footage and interviews with comedy vets. Cat Williams And Steve Harvey, Wayne Brady, Sherry ShepherdAnd the heart itself. Tiffany Hadish And Michael Che Notable names are those who sit for two-partners.

Will collaborate with Heartbeat Time Studio For production. Kevin Hart, Brian Smiley, Pukey Wigington and Mike Stein In The show’s executive producer.

“Right to Crime: The Black Comedy Revolution” will debut on the A&E Network Wednesday, June 29 at 9 p.m.

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