Khalo Kardashian says Tristan Thompson is “still a good man” but not “good”

Khalo Kardashian Is open about Tristan Thompson There are “wonderful aspects” but he claims that he admits that his personal difficulties are greater than anything he has given.

On tuesday “Not skinny but not fatPodcast, he discusses his current relationship with her Chicago Bull Players say they are co-guarding their daughter, True.

“It’s sad because, for example, he has a lot of good points, but no one sees them because they’re full of personal things, like he’s going through me and me,” he explained.

He adds that “many more people in the world who have probably gone through similar situations” like him.

“I doubt I am the only person. I do not expect. Well, I don’t want anyone to go through that, “he said, referring to Tristan’s disbelief.

Khloé explains that “everyone makes mistakes” but adds that Tristan is “a nice guy” but he is not a “good partner” for her.

“I want everyone to be happy and live a good life, like a fair shot,” he shared. “So I never encourage anyone to jump on that bandwagon, to make a choice, but I also think that people can have their own feelings and do whatever they want, but the truth is he will always be in my life and he is a great dad. , And all this I really need to focus on. “

Khloé admits that Tristan wants to reconnect with him, but refuses because “the information is true” with whom he had a child. Marali Nichols, Which he learned through his sister Kim Kardashian.

“Every time I find out through my sister. I found with the rest of the world, which is the most offensive part, “he said.

“It’s all frozen, but can there be a little respect?” Khloé added.

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