Kiki Lane called Disney’s lead role “a dream come true.”

Fans of ‘Rescue Rangers’ are here to treat!

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Kiki Lane spoke to BOSSIP about her new project ‘Chip’ n Dale: Rescue Rangers’ on Friday, May 20, before the release of the Disney + movie. The film stars Lane as Eli, a police officer investigating the abduction of Chip and one of Dale’s close friends. The film offers a really dynamic combination of animation and live-action. For this, Lane had to handle most of the scenes of the film alone. His scene partners were later added during post-production.

“It was an interesting experience because I was acting myself,” Lane told BOSSIP “My beautiful scene partner Chip and Dale couldn’t stay with me that day. It was interesting to have a tendency towards my acting technique to tell the story. Thanks to our director Akiva [Schaffer] We were so clear about what we needed. It’s so clear about what’s going on in each scene that it’s easier said than done. “

One of the main messages of the movie ‘Rescue Rangers’ is the importance of taking risks. Kiki told us it was actually a ‘juicy risk’ that led him to fame.

“One of the big risks I took was moving to my LA,” Lane told BOSSIP. “I was in Chicago, I finally got into the theater scene there, but I knew I wanted to do television and film and live in a place where I could really compete for those big roles. I took a big leap of faith where no plan There was no possibility, no representation – just me and a dream. Fortunately, I ended up where I needed to be to book ‘Biel Street’. That was the beginning of what I was able to do so far. There were risks that were gratefully paid. “

Lane’s breakout role in the role of Tish Reverse in Barry Jenkins’ acclaimed feature ‘If Bill Street Could Talk’ won him so much critical acclaim and made him an instant Hollywood star. We’re glad she took that chance on herself!

Kiki also talks about surviving the Disney dream and reveals some of the important Disney characters with whom she was interested in working on the filming of ‘Chip’ n Dale: Rescue Rangers.

“Look, when I first saw this movie and the iconic Disney intro started, I had to stop and say, ‘Thank you God,’ because it’s a dream come true,” Lane told BOSSIP. “It simply came to our notice then. So I hope I can say Disney a few more times! ”

“But in terms of who I was in that movie, I can’t believe I was in the movie with them – Pumba for sure, because ‘The Lion King’ is my favorite movie time flounder – it was fun. Rescue Rangers all. I didn’t grow up watching ‘Chip‘ N Dell ’, it was a little before my time, but of course I knew who they were so exciting to be a part of it. There are countless. Each scene is just like ‘Oh! Are you in this movie too? ‘ “

So many of our favorites!

Watch the full interview below:

‘Chip’ n Dell: Rescue Rangers’ is currently streaming on Disney +!

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