Kim Kardashian admits she followed Pete Davidson after SNL because she heard

How Kim Kardashian is sprinkling tea on her and Pete Davidson The relationship has begun … and it has to do with Big D * K Energy.

In its new episode Hulu’sKardashians“She told her sisters, Stand up And BriefThe advice he received about being 40 years old meant that “SNL“The star is giving her good things.

“When I was 40, everyone said it was the best sex of your life,” Kim said. “And Grandma kept telling me, ’40 is the best sex, ‘and I was like,’ OK. I’m ready. ‘

Kim said with a smile on her face, “and so far …”

Before revealing his and Davidson’s love life, he explained how he and Pete met, which began when he didn’t give her “the time of day” when she appeared on SNL.

“I did ‘SNL’, and then when we kissed on the scene, it was just a vibration,” Kim said. “… but Pete doesn’t come to my afterparty – Everyone I was at the afterparty. He doesn’t give me time during the day. “

Kim said she was determined to reconnect with him, so she texted a producer on “SNL” to get Davidson’s number.

“I didn’t even think, ‘Oh, my God. I’m going to have a relationship with him, ” he recalls. [down to f–k]”

He may not consider romance with the SNL star, but the two have been together since October 2021 and are now more serious than ever.

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