Kim Kardashian has asked the prison authorities to allow the funeral of the deceased’s father

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Kimberly Noel Kardashian is doing her best to help people after years of building the social currency that makes her rich. We cover his efforts to bring home men and women who have been wrongfully convicted and his efforts to become a legitimate lawyer so that he can be a stuntman like his father. For those who hate his social justice warrior evolution, this latest story is one you shouldn’t even be embarrassed about.

Kim Kardashian’s petition to the Federal Prison Bureau to allow the victim’s father to attend the funeral

According to TMZ, Kim is requesting the Federal Bureau of Prisons to attend the father of the detainee to attend his daughter’s funeral. Ileana Cruz Torres, 10, was one of about two dozen people killed in the Rob Elementary School massacre in Uvalade, Texas.

“I urge the Federal Bureau of Prisons to release Eli Torres temporarily so that he can bid farewell to his infant daughter. Every parent deserves that right. ”

Kim posted a picture of Ileana on her Instagram story and announced that she had just added her voice in an effort to reunite a grieving family.

“His family desperately hopes that his father, who is in prison for a non-violent drug crime, will be temporarily released so that he can attend his funeral.”

Rules are rules and it is not possible to say why this little girl’s father is in prison, however, if these benefits are really about “rehabilitation” then a father is allowed to see his dead daughter one last time before burying her. I can.

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