Kim Kardashian reveals how the Pete Davidson romance began

Kim Kardashian is finally getting clear about the beginning of her relationship with Pete Davidson.

Celebrating the 2022 Met Gala

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In this week’s episode KardashiansKim finally reveals what really happened when she and the comedian met after hosting. Live Saturday night In October 2021.

“I did SNL And then when we kissed on the scene, it was just a vibration, ”the reality star told the camera. “I was ‘Oh maybe I was … maybe I should try something else.’ But Pete doesn’t come to my after party. Everyone was partying after me. He doesn’t give me time during the day. “

Apparently, not giving Pete Kim time during the day made him more interested (stars, they’re just like us!) So he made a point to reach out to himself.

“A few days later, I called the producer SNL And I was like, “Hey, do you have Pitt’s number?” Kim continued. “They were like ‘yes’ and I texted him. I didn’t even think ‘Oh my God I’m going to have a relationship with her.’ I just thought … I heard about this BDE. “

“I have to go there,” he explained. “I just have to start with the jump … I was basically DTF.”

But they have been much more serious

As we all now know, things between the two quickly blossomed into much more, just a few weeks later the pair were spotted holding hands in a theme park. And since then, they have been inseparable.

Elsewhere in the June 1 episode Kardashians, Kim explains why he was reluctant to share details about his blossoming relationship with Pitt on the show. Surprisingly, he doesn’t want to share their romance if it doesn’t last.

The founder of SKIMS said, “I think I really wanted to make sure and say ‘Oh my God, I’ve met someone and I’m kidding’ and then it’s not like to start talking about it on a show.” I would be a fool if I didn’t talk. Or a prostitute, either. “

Later in the episode, Davidson made his appearance on the phone via a small cameo, showing Kim the brand new private jet he bought via FaceTime on his chest. The episode ended with Pitt gifting the reality star, though we never figured out what it was.

“Oh my God!” Kim screamed. “Shut up, these are my favorites!”

How sweet!

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