Kirk Franklin’s estranged son has been released from prison, thanks to his father

After about two months in prison Kirk FranklinThe detached boy thanked his father for his release from prison. He was released on June 1.

Kerion was arrested in April and initially without a bond due to his current warrant. The warrants came in 2007 after he failed to appear in court for a misdemeanor.

Radar Online reports, “The allegations are listed as false representation to the officer, California driving license / California identification, and alleged government possession of alcohol possession of under-21s.”

Now, Kerion is a free man and uploaded his first selfie on Instagram since his release, although he announced that his legal troubles were not over. At least he can be comfortable in his home during his ongoing legal battle.

He said, “When any kind of problem comes your way, think of it as great joy. Because you know that when your faith is tested, you have the opportunity to increase your patience. The journey is not over yet. 1 more case remains to be handled. ”

She ended the post, thanking #TeamKerrion and her parents. In case you didn’t know, the father and son have not been reunited since the evangelist threatened to kick his son’s a ** from a fight in 2021. Carion released the audio, flooding the artist with “sorry.”

“I’m really sorry for all of you,” Franklin said. He continued, “I sincerely apologize. As a parent you want to know that during that conversation, I called the family therapist and tried to help the therapist on the phone. He never played that part of the recording. “

She has not spoken to her son since his imprisonment and has not yet commented on his release.

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