Kishia Cole reacted after the offensive remarks from Antonio

R&B singer Cassia Cole There have been trends on Twitter after and behind the allegations between him and the former NFL star Antonio Brown.

We first saw the two of them being sympathetic to Brown’s music video for “Don’t Leave” but after Cassia Cole posted it on her IG, the dating speculation started to grow, with “I miss her” and “I miss her so much” being photographed together. .

Brown then posted a video of what Keyshia Cole looked like with a caption below the initials AB, with the caption, “You’re not a pimp until you hit a r & b diva.”

“You posted this abbot for the second time but the captions have changed and don’t be angry with me, I said I apologize.”

AB went live with his own comeback, saying, “Cassia I’m a player, like we don’t want you Cassia, stay away from my injuries, you hear?”

Fans took to Twitter to share their thoughts.

A Twitter account says, “Cassia Cole lays eggs in Bo Wao’s car, then beats a dog on Birdman and now AB tattoos on her (sad emoji).”

Another user said, “Keshia Cole is really forgetting that she is Keshia Cole and I hate it for her.”

Another said, “Yaal forgot that Kishia Cole lost her mother, her adopted father and her longtime dog, sadly. Not every decision will be like yours. Show him some sympathy. Damn it!

Cassia went live in an attempt to explain her decision and the speculation of a recent relationship.

“When I said the other day, two days ago that I miss a certain person and then a certain person said a certain thing, it was all over the place.” He continued, “I did not expect him to say what he said. Now that what he said is clear it is the position of things and I have to accept it. It is a little difficult for me, especially at the moment there is a lot of damage and a lot going on.” Am I losing it now? When you like someone, you like someone, “said Cassia.

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