¡Ko Linda! We La La Negra shared the first picture of her twin baby blessing,

Proud mom Amara La Negra is sharing the first picture of her double baby blessing and her little girls are beautiful.

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The singer / #LHHMIA star posted pictures of her daughters with the caption, “I present to the world my daughter, Miss Hijas at Aquie les Presento.”

He tagged the girls on @LasRoyalTwins Instagram page and hashtag their names; The glorious Royalty de los Santos And Empress de los Santos of Highness.

In English, Sumajestad translates “his majesty” and Sualteja translates “your royal height”.

Amara “drinks” clothes from Starbucks cops that match her precious offspring and asks fans if the kids look more like her or their father, Alan Muses.

Muse is my on-again-off-again boyfriend who previously profiled with her in “Love and Hip Hop Miami”. The singer has previously confirmed that she will raise her daughters independently as a single mother.

Speaking of Alan, the proud father also posted a reel of baby girls and said he was “in love” with his daughters.

✔️Blessed: Happy: In love with my beautiful twin children. ❤️💜💗 Sinners welcome you 👧🏻 girls 👧🏻, “wrote Muses.

We had twin children La La Negra and Alan Muse at NICU

After Amra shared that their newborns were admitted to the Intensive Care Unit (NICU) after giving birth through C-section, pictures of the baby girls were released.

“One of the hardest moments for me was giving birth to my baby without being able to hold it, recovering from my C-section and knowing that I would have to go to NICU every day knowing that I would go home without my daughters. They’ll be fine, “he wrote alongside a video of him getting out of a wheelchair to see his twin children behind the glass.

“I hate to leave them but thank God they are healthy and beautiful. I’ll be honest I don’t understand what a C-section is a serious operation goes through all levels and leaving your body to bring life to this world! But thank God I had an amazing doctor and the hospital treated me amazingly and I am very grateful for that. ”

We are glad to see the children healthy and at home.

What do you think of Amra’s blessing on her double child?

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