Kyle calls the crystal “dramatic” in the argument

RHOBH Recap: Crystal Dorit yells while arguing over feelings while Sutton apologizes for the insensitive remarks and Diana tells him

In this episode Beverly’s real housewife Mountains, KyleShe is opening a new store in La Quinta, and the women are there to encourage her It is not until * after * that things begin to unfold on a large scale and the stimulated emotions bring unresolved feelings.

Crystal His palace is hosting women (minus) Sutton) They chat about light topics, and Kyle reminds women about the upcoming La Quinta trip to open his store. When Dorit Forgiving himself, Kyle tells the group that he’s worried about her. Dorit left a voicemail for Kyle the night before, and the attack at home apparently moved him. Dorit explained that her anxiety had grown into panic attack mode and she had trouble managing herself.

So now must not be a great time for Kyle to react to Satin’s reaction to the Dorit incident, but alas, Kyle likes to shake the pot. She claims she wants everyone on a good page in La Quinter, so, she informs Dorit (again, in front of all the other women) about Sutton’s sensitivity to Dorit’s theft.

The women are sitting and panting, but Garsell Jumping to remind the team that Sutton should be there to protect himself, instead of everyone talking behind his back. Sutton deserves a chance to explain his words and not let Kyle just twist them.

Side note: I didn’t know Kyle could actually drive himself somewhere. Not only that, on his way to La Quinta he finds his way to the nearest Jack in the Box. She’s just like us! Type. Her rollercoaster with her previous shop is enough to turn your head, but she decides to try again – this time in a desert. Kyle was supposed to drive with Dorit, but had a panic attack before that. Kyle is 100% aware of how traumatic this theft was for Dorit, since he too was a victim of theft a few years ago. Perhaps Sutton should have reminded Kyle that it was “not about you”, a lot Kyle did with him.

To Garsell, after the incident at Dorit’s house, he’s got all the crystals and all the cameras, and EricaHer house is buzzing with assistants and her glam team. Erica laments that she can’t buy new things because of all the bankruptcy trustees, so she’s wearing things herself twice. Fear!

Garcel, Erica, Diana, Rina, And Crystal everyone gathers at Erica’s house. They whip some Roddy, though Diana doesn’t know what that means, and they head for La Quinter. Erica has been hoping for a better La Quinta trip this time around since she was completely unveiled in the desert last season.

While in the car with Crystal, Diana explains that she doesn’t go shopping. Instead, she has clothes sent home by designers. No wonder Crystal’s attempt to explain the outlets to Diana is completely lost.

While Diana, Crystal and Sutton are staying in a hotel, the women finally arrive at Kyle’s house. #Divas. Diana sends her team and Glam before her to “check out the place, set her up and make it better.” What a life. Speaking of glam, Kyle’s design features a very dull Dorit, but he explains that he hasn’t felt very inspired by the costume since the incident. This is a huge change from Dorit that we once knew.

At the hotel, Crystal chats with Satin about Kyle. He explains that considering their emerging friendship, he wants to be transparent with Satin. She tells Sutton that Kyle was very upset and makes Sutton sound very “sensitive” to other women. For this, Sutton says that stealing makes him uncomfortable and he speaks like that when he is awkward. The attack on his own home and the fact that his father had committed suicide by using a gun kept him on the right.

Kyle’s store opening is popping up – even Teddy Do you have to meet Kyle there? Shahida, Kyle’s business partner, is shaking up to put everything together at the last minute. Eventually, everything seems to fall into place. Kyle is straightening it on her red carpet, and Diana is fascinated by the fact that she’s in a store. Kyle speaks quickly, and then, gets a minute alone with Sutton Dorit. Dorit explains that he had spent a few rough nights and that Kyle’s face was invaluable when he saw that Sutton was positively involved with Dorit. Sutton tries to apologize to Dorit, but Dorit reminds Sutton of how sensitive he was when he says, “I’m sorry I didn’t have a gun to my head.” Sutton owns that he makes a lot of noise, and fortunately, Dorit takes his olive branch.

I, however, stabbed Kyle in the back and got a kick from Sutton. It seems that all these women are with each other again and again.

After Kyle’s event, the women relax in his house, even Kyle’s dog enjoys a steak (sorry, Rina!) When they all settle down, Garsell breaks the ice: “Now that we’re all together, can we talk about satin?” ” He wants to clear the air so nothing can be said behind the satin now. Kyle replies that he said what he said about Sutton. Sutton makes it clear that he shouldn’t have put himself first in the face of Dorit’s problems, but Kyle questions his empathy. Sutton reminds Kyle that borders are a strange thing, and he’s not sure if Dorit even wants people around. When Sutton’s father shot himself, Sutton didn’t want anyone!

Diana jumps up and reads to Sutton: “Sutton is inexperienced in his words and behavior. You’re really weird and wrong. “Of course, Erica shakes her head knowingly when Diana just walks up to Sutton, the woman she’s known for about 15 minutes. Crystal mutters that there’s a lot of hypocrisy going on because everyone is trying to tell Sutton about a situation. How he should feel and it is not right.

Crystal doesn’t understand how this group of women constantly tells people how they feel and she is triggered by the whole thing. It brings back the feeling from last season when Kyle told her that she was being “violated” by Sutton walking naked. Kyle believes Crystal needs to calm down and stop complaining about everything, but it would be easier if Kyle stopped moving everything! Kyle further says that it is not about the crystal and the two situations are completely different.

Sutton believes he respects people, and Erica replies, “Do you respect the way you treated me last year?” Oh, Erica. In Garcel’s words, “Here we go!” Erica mentions that in most of the fights and dramas in the group, Sutton is the common character and she says that she will go to Sutton with a heartbeat again. Rina doesn’t understand why they’re not just supporting Dorit and being there and she’s wondering how this conversation took such a turn. I too

Kyle tries to explain that he can talk about two things, but they are like comparing an apple to an orange. Crystal is triggered by this and does not appreciate calling Kyle “dramatic”. It’s ridiculous that Kyle calls someone else dramatic, isn’t it? Crystal reaches her boiling point when she says, “My feelings are irrelevant.” She believes Kyle will never understand, so she doesn’t want to talk about it anymore. Garcel reminds Doritt that they do not legitimize his feelings when they are upset. Crystal has to leave because it’s not a “safe place” for her.

Before Crystal leaves, Dorit stands on Crystal and yells that she takes care of him, and Kyle joins the walk. They both deal with their confidence as they choose to embark on their play activities To do Got it, but on top of the crystal. Back in the car at the hotel, Diana reminds Crystal, “With friends, you should never feel alone.” Back at Kyle’s house, Erica, among all the people, voices the argument when it comes to Crystal: “Let’s try to listen to her, not jump on her and judge her.” It’s easier said than done with this crew.

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