Kyle Richards addressed the backlash via Dorit Voicemail

Kyle Richards addresses Dory Kemsey's reaction to Voicemail and reveals the heated exchange between the unseen clip Sutton and Kyle

When after a terrible house attack Dorit Kemsley Was placed at gunpoint, several of them The real housewife of Beverly Hills The co-stars rushed to his house to make sure he was OK.

Later, Kyle Richards Received a voicemail from Dorit because he seems to be having a panic attack In the final episode of the show, Kyle released the audio in a confessional interview, which provoked reactions from fans who felt he was exploiting Dorit’s trauma.

Recently, াইলCurrentEpisode Kyle posted a clip discussing voicemail with her friends. The post contained the following theory, “Obviously women can say that there was something wrong with Dorit that day. I see people are upset that Kyle played this voicemail, but he has no way of doing it without Dorit’s permission.”

Kyle then wrote in the comment, “I would never play that audio without asking him first.”

As Kyle addresses recent reactions, Bravo has released an unseen clip of the robbery – and Sutton streakIts response.

In the video, Kyle confronts Sutton about his sensitive remarks after the attack on Dorit’s home.

At the beginning of the conversation, Kyle called Sutton’s behavior “very different.” Sutton responded angrily, “My behavior is actually calm and calm and collected.”

In a confessional interview, Kyle wondered if Sutton had “a beating heart right now.”

Later in the scene, Sutton throws a subtle accusation at Kyle, suggesting that he exclude Sutton from a trip to Dorit’s home after the attack.

Kyle then explains, “I had no plans. I didn’t say, ‘Friends, let’s all go and have tea with Dorit.’ She had a gun in her head with her two children in bed. “

Sutton seemed unprepared for Kyle’s words, and he calmly replied, “You could say, ‘I’m going to see him. Why don’t you come with me? ‘… I don’t know him very well. “

“I didn’t think of you, Sutton,” Kyle replied. “Back up. Don’t sit there and say, ‘Oh they all have a plan. I’m not included.’ I wasn’t thinking about who to call. “

Kyle admitted in a confession that Sutton was making matters about himself and said the visit was not a “birthday party”.

“You’re saying my reaction was … ‘weird’,” Sutton continued in conversation, using air quotes. “That’s not exactly what you wanted me to do.”

In Sutton’s confession, the star revealed, “Kyle wants me to act the way I want, not the way I want. What exactly does he want me to do? Tell me. Is it for you, Kyle? Or is it for dormitory? I just don’t know. “

Sutton later told Kyle that he would do “nothing” for his friends. Kyle countered, “Looks like you didn’t give a shit.”

The new episode The real housewife of Beverly Hills It aired Wednesday night at 8 / 7c in Bravo.

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