Kyle Richards of RHOBH calls LVP “cunning”, suspecting he lied

RHOBH's Kyle Richards label LVP "Cunning," Suggests that he lied about the post-robbery text and conversation on PK "Complex and intricate" With Cathy

Kyle Richards It does not seem to be believable Lisa Vanderpump Has actually arrived Paul “PK” Camsley After teaching the wife, Dorit KemsleyThey were gunned down at their home in Enkino, California, and robbed.

Lisa allegedly tweeted to PK in response to Dorit after sharing a screenshot of the text message. Watch Live What Happens That he did not hear “a word” from her after the incident, The real housewife of Beverly Hills The star labeled Lisa “cunning” and questioned whether the text was actually sent.

“Let me tell you, he’s very clever, so I don’t know,” Kyle told Page Six as he joined the 2022 NBC Universal Upfront in New York City on Monday.

“I mean, who am I interested in trusting? Obviously Dorit and PK, ”he added.

On Saturday, Lisa tweeted a conversation between herself and PK, showing a message from her to PK that read, “I’m glad to hear you’re safe.”

But after sharing the message, Dorit overshadowed Lisa’s claims as an “lie” in an Instagram story and made it clear to her husband, PK, that she had never received the message from their former customer.

“I bought the best team in London to help me identify the text that LVP clearly sent. I will keep you all informed of their progress #rhobh,” he joked in a photo caption. Sherlock.

“We’re not sure how Lisa can show a text that none of them can show on their phones, so we don’t know,” Kyle continued, noting that Dorit and PK “never saw anything” and advised Lisa to “block”. Can Everyone. “

“It simply came to our notice then. I don’t know but the wisest explanation is that he didn’t text. Well, the most understandable thing is that there is no reason for them to say that he did not say, “he added.

Kyle went to have fun with Lisa to spread a social media controversy.

“When I see these women at this age tweeting and fighting these things in their lives, I can’t stand it. This is where I go, ‘Friends, I don’t know if I can do it.’ I get a little entertained by it, I’m not going to lie, but we are adults here for God’s sake, “he complained.

Also at the NBCU Universal Upfront event, Kyle talked about his up and down relationship with his sister. Kathy HiltonWhich will appear in the upcoming episodes of Season 12

“It simply came to our notice then. All I can say is, we’re family and we’re going to have these moments, “he told Page Six. “I think my sister and I, we have an argument, we make up, we bleed. I don’t know if everyone is like that. We complicate things on television. “

According to Kyle, a lot of people believe he’s upset that Cathy has joined RHOBH Casting However, he was the one who actually proposed the idea to Bravo.

“I went [Bravo] And said, ‘I think my sister would be great on the show. He is very funny and we are in such a good place. ‘ And then I went to Kathy and said, ‘What do you think about being on the show?’ And he said, ‘I don’t know.’ So it was actually me who pushed for it, “he confirmed.

When Kyle and Cathy hit a rough patch between filming in Season 12, Kyle revealed WWHL They are back in good shape last week.

“I really thought we’d never have to argue again,” Kyle said. “We haven’t talked for so long, [and] It was very painful for us and our children and I don’t think we will ever put ourselves in that position again. “

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