LaKKKtose Intolerant: Black Twitter melts Walmart’s new Juntinth ice cream,

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Corporate entities are now evading, making noise, shaking racial relations year after year. Almost every time we arrive at a cultural moment to celebrate African-Americans, some billion-dollar business drops its coverage and embarrasses itself and clicks on the name of the alliance.

Walmart has virally roasted wildly offensive Juntinth ice cream

It’s not June yet, and Walmart has already entered the chat in a meaningless and thirsty effort to arouse some goodwill among its black customers. Yesterday, on Twitter, “WTFs?” And “I-Know-They-Didn’t Know” when the timeline became aware of a new “smell” of ice cream called Juntinth. How does Juntinth taste? Freedom? Equality? Probably the extinction of the police? Blackness? One can only guess!

Who wanted it?!? We’re pretty sure the answer is absolutely no!

While we are perfectly fine putting this burden on the feet of white officials, we have to admit the least frustrating fact that maybe even someone black has co-signed this tone deaf confection. What kind of black person would think this was a good idea, you ask? We will.

We won’t talk about the point but if you want some infinitely satisfying belly smile, we suggest you realize the quote retweets in your spare time. Welcome to advance.

“It’s freedom for me” makes us vomit in our mouths over a comfortable drink.

According to Newsweek, Walmart has apologized and promised to remove ice KKKream from the shelves. Unsurprisingly, the agency released a statement to Fox News, arguably the world’s racist cable news champion.

In a statement to Fox News, Walmart said: “The Junetinth holiday marks a celebration of independence and independence. “However, we have received feedback that some items have caused concern for some of our customers and we sincerely apologize. We’re reviewing our repository and removing the appropriate items. “

Of course, you know. Of course.

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