Lala Kent shares if Randall Emmett gives child support

Pump Rules' Lala Kent reveals if Randall provides child support, admits he worked on marriage while dating and shares where he and Ambier stand todaySaliva

Lala Kent Attorney Fee has spent a “very high” number in the war with his custody Randall Emmet. But did he get anywhere in terms of child support?

Time to talk Jeff Lewis On his radio show on Tuesday Vanderpump rules The cast member explained where the court battle between him and Randall stood, discussed how the filmmaker got involved in the life of their one-year-old daughter Ocean, and recently admitted that he was actually working on his marriage. Amber Children In 2017, a year after their first meeting.

“It’s high. It’s too much,” Lala told Jeff as she spent time with the attorneys on the May 24 episode. Jeff Lewis Live.

Then, after Jeff asks if he’s talking “$ 200, $ 300, $ 400, or more”, Lala confirms it’s “more.”

“It’s a lot. But you can’t put a price tag on some things if you know what I mean,” he explained.

While Lala is currently in custody custody with Randall, he has confirmed that he has not yet provided child support, nor has he been ordered to do so, saying “not yet.” However, he said they had agreed on the amount before suggesting that Randall was already three months behind.

“It’s been about three months … does he know of any other way?” He said with a smile. “[But] Honestly, I didn’t expect it at all. I went in and said, ‘I don’t need anything.’ But, the state of California, you have a child, you have to pay. I never expected anything. “

Currently, Lala is paying for Ocean’s medical insurance and using her mother as a babysitter.

“I do not know what happened to his house. I know that many times people working in his house would come to me, demanding salary. So I hope he’s paying Ocean’s nanny, “Lala explained.

Lala then hinted that Randall was currently in some care to say “yes” to Jeff, when asked if anyone would be there.

Moving on to the timeline of her relationship with Randall, Lala said the two of them met in December 2015 – she was married at the time.

“I’ve learned a lot since the relationship ended … yes,” Lala admitted.

Although Lala was told that Randall and Amber separated when they reunited, she later learned that they were working on their marriage.

“I received a screenshot message in January 2017 that she was working on her wedding,” he confirmed. “I am not [a homewrecker]. Knowing everything I know now, I wouldn’t even give him time during the day. My parents have been together for 40 years. I believe in marriage. I respect marriage. I would never put myself in such a situation. I would never do that with another woman. After our relationship ended and I learned a lot, including the intention to work on her marriage in January 2017, it was like taking a bullet. “

What Ambier thought at the time, Lala said he believed Ambier was in the idea that he knew what was going on in their marriage when he was dating Randall. Fortunately, times have changed, and according to Lala, he and Ambi are now “on the same page.”

Although Ocean and her older sister, London, 12 and Riley, who are 8 years apart, share Randall and Amby, Lala said she hopes the girls will one day have a close relationship.

“I have an older brother who is 15 years older than me and we get closer as we get older. So Amber’s two children are ages 12 and 8 so there will be a significant age gap between these two and the ocean but my only hope is that she has a close relationship with them, ”he said.

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