Lala Kent undergoes breast and ear surgery, talking to a sperm donor

Video: Lala Kent Confirms Boob Jobs In Funny Post-Op Clip, Plus Vanderpump Rules Reveals Additional Procedures And Plans For Star Sperm Donors

Lala Kent The last week has gone through a few processes. And, in a hilarious video shared on his Instagram page on Friday, Vanderpump rules Starr was seen feeling “uncomfortable,” post-operative

In the one-and-a-half-minute clip, Lala talks to her friend Jess about how she did it during her plastic surgery, as she confirms in the caption that her breast augmentation is not the only job.

“I kept going to the elevator, announcing to everyone who entered, ‘I’m done with my breasts,'” Lala captioned the clip. “Some people may wonder why my head is curled up. We were all so engrossed in the booby talk that we neglected to pin my sweet left ear… I’m really happy. “

Lala then thanked his surgeons, Dr. Peman Danielpur And Dr. John LakeBeverly Hills Plastic Surgery Group.

“You already look beautiful,” Jess told Lala in the clip, as Lala replied, “Don’t lie, Jess.”

Jess then tells Lala how well she has done in the methods, but again, Lala is not getting it.

“Well, I was asleep,” he replied softly. “Of course I did amazing.”

Then, as the video ended, Lala asked permission to watch him The real housewife And wanted a blow-dye to warm his hospital bed.

Although Lala has yet to show the results of her plastic surgery, she returned to her social media over the weekend, where she shared a video of her one-year-old daughter, Ocean, which she shared with her ex-fianc. Randall EmmetDancing on a sofa.

Others Lala Kent News, Pump rules The cast member discusses his plans to welcome another child in one of his episodes Give them saliva Podcast earlier this month, via Heavy.

After his podcast guest, the author Alyssa ShelaskyLala, who conceived her first child through a sperm donor, shared her own experience, saying she plans to use the same resource “in a year or two” if not in a committed relationship.

“I definitely have one baby and I know I want another. And I want it within a certain period of time. If I don’t meet anyone, I’m definitely getting a sperm donor, “she said.

Lala further mentioned that she would like to be similar to her sperm donor Michael B. Jordan Or Denzel Washington.

Vanderpump rules Season 10 is expected to begin filming soon.

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