‘LAMH’ fans want Wanda to shut down the show to fight Holt


Love and marriage are the core art of Huntsville

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Seasonings on the set of ‘Love and Marriage: Huntsville’ have begun to slam as temperatures have reached a frying point this week. An innocent parking lot Shindig that appeared quickly turned into a parking lot showdown when there was a physical altercation between the cast members.

Recently divorced Melody Holt thought she was giving her fans a little lunch check-in before filming. Unfortunately, she gave a ringside seat to social media followers when her ex-husband gave someone two off-camera (probably Scott family members) Hartsville tickets.

At the start of the live stream, Melody appears on camera in an SUV, happy and excited to be filming the “event” before stopping to tell fans that he has “some more business to do” and will be back in 10 minutes.

A fight has started over ‘Love and Marriage: Huntsville’

Upon returning, the melody is visibly disturbed, with people not messing with her kids, someone “jumping behind her” and encouraging them to “do it in her mouth” as the camera is turned off and fights can be heard. Melody pauses to peek at the scene then returns to Runting before jumping out of the car and shouting her ex-husband’s name. The full blown epidemic continues as he begs Martel not to put his paw on anyone because “her children are watching” as soon as the camera is turned off.

Latisha Scots mother Wanda Moore Leith went live on her Instagram later in the evening to give an account of her dispute. Apparently annoying and a little entertaining, Wanda immediately started firing verbally into the melody. Wanda told her audience that everything was fine in the family and that an apron-clad Martel was going to buy her some spices when Melody became aggressive and started “putting her finger up” in her mouth. The veteran Alabama pauses the story to a bad verbal tirade, invites Melody’s “Mama Bear” into the smoke, and advises Melody to find her real father because he complains he has nothing to do with her.

Wanda addresses fans of the melody

When someone on the live stream comments that Wanda is “too old to behave like this” he responds by saying “you are never too old to behave like that.” Wanda then repeats that he has repeatedly told Melody that he does not want beef with her, “but again invites Melody’s mother to smoke and let commenters know that she was personally asked to sell her seasoning at the event. A smiling Wanda brags about “hooping ass and naming later,” because that’s what “she does.” He mocks Melody’s claim (from the incident) and fires at the head so that the tail falls off. Wanda continues to boast about the beatings, crushes and says he later returns to selling food because he “doesn’t play with his brand.” Wanda apparently threatens to catch a corpse when he says the coroners had to come if someone spilled the food he had sold.

After a while she starts to back down and says that she didn’t actually fight Melody and instead fought with her brother and son-in-law to get to her. Apparently unprepared, Wanda laughs at Holts, encouraging them to press charges.

‘Love and Marriage: Huntsville’ fans upset with Wanda Moore Leith

A petition launched by “Protect Black Women’s Image” to remove Latisha’s mother from the show reached nearly 3,000 signatures by Tuesday morning. Petitioner claims that creator Carlos King excluded Wanda from the “LAMH” and described his behavior as ghetto, ratchet, and completely dangerous. The petition opens with a description of Wanda as a “threat to black excellence” who is ineligible for the privilege of a reality TV platform.

“Moore has pushed the show into a violent, dangerous light. He has repeatedly insulted minors, the parents of other cast members, and even his own cast members! . ” Stated in the petition. The signatories echoed the petitioners’ sentiments by calling Wanda an “disrespectful”, “disorderly” comment, accusing him of causing chaos and confusion, and requesting that he be removed from the series altogether.

So do you think Wanda is misrepresenting black women and has to go, or is she an accurate portrayal of how toxic some misguided mama can be? He was certainly a major promoter on the show each season.

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