Larsa Pipen Lenny confronting Lisa, leaving RHOM?

Larsa Pippen talks about the clash between Lisa and Lenny, why she almost left RHOM again, the status with Adriana and Julia and the relationship with Scott Disk

Larsa Pipen During a recent podcast appearance revealed that he and Lisa Hochstein Lisa recently ran away with her estranged husband, a plastic surgeon Lenny HochsteinTime to stay in post-split Miami.

While sharing her thoughts about Lisa and Lenny’s separation, she explains her relationship with him Adriana de Maura And Julia LemigovaAnd longtime friend comments Scott DiscThe Miami’s real housewife Cast member Lenny described her and Lisa’s confrontation as “tidy”.

“I do not think so [Lisa] Some knew, “Larsa admitted to Lenny’s divorce plan on May 25 Side piece with Melissa Fister Podcast “[But] I think everything happens for a reason. “

Because Larsa and Lisa often spend time together on the weekends, they were recently out of town, where they suddenly met Lenny.

“We were just running into it. It’s just a mess, “he recalled. “A lot of different things are happening that night. It was a really long night. That’s all I can say. “

Although Larsa did not say if Lenny was with his girlfriend, Katharina MajepaHe hinted at the decision to go public with the Austrian model just as he shared the news of her and Lisa’s separation.

“I think when relationships melt … people should do the right thing. If you’re not happy, manage it right,” he advised. “I do not know, what is the purpose of it? Does he think he will be with this person? “

After going through “different emotional stages” with Lisa, Larsa says she’s ready to let Leni go.

“Where’s he going? He’s not going up. So where is he going? Nowhere,” he said.

Larsa told him how Lisa was managing their separation RHOM Custom, who shares two children with Lenny, son Logan, 6, and daughter Eli, 2, are carrying things day in and day out.

“Every day he wakes up, there’s something new. So for him, it’s as difficult as every day because it’s a new thing that’s coming out, “he explained.

And when Larsa was ready to let Lenny go, she said she “gained weight” while supporting her friend.

“I am a passionate eater. So while Lisa is getting skinny, I’m sorry to hear that. I gained so much weight just by listening to her life, “admits Larsa. “[But] Everyone [been] Very helpful … She has a lot of great friends who want to be there for her. “

Looking back on the fourth season, Larsa says she has “no idea” why Adriana came so hard for her.

“I think I’m pretty good to him. I never thought he would be this person to me, “Larsa noted.

But now, in the fifth season of filming, Larsa claims Adriana “can’t be better to me.”

“So I ask, ‘Will I forgive and forget how crazy you were to me last season?’ But people grow up. People learn, “he argued.

Regarding her relationship with Julia, Larsa said that since she believed that there were many similarities between her and Julia, she thought they would be very good.

“We have big kids – she’s married to an athlete. I’m married to an athlete. So I really thought it would be a biological friendship. And the way he was on Adriana’s back, I think it’s like a turnoff, “he explained.

Fortunately, the two of them have since become a corner.

“It was good [now]. I think Adriana and I are in a good place. I think Julia and I are in a good place. That’s good. The season has been good, “said Larsa.

Although Larsa is in a good place with most of her customers today, she has almost given up after four seasons of reunion.

“After the reunion, I felt like I was done for a second,” she recalls. “I was like, ‘What good is a web site if it simply” blends in “with everything else out there? I don’t have that power. And then I realized a few months ago and I think if I was like most people and I have to sit in front of someone like me who is unprepared by all things, I would hate myself. “

Regarding her relationship with Scott, Larsa said that despite rumors of a romance, the two were “forever friends.”

“We have always been friends. We are great friends, ”he said. “Whenever he comes to Miami, he calls me. When I’m in LA, I’ll be like, ‘Come eat kebabs.’ Are the kids really good friends? “

Also in the podcast, Larsa talks about her current relationship with her ex-husband Scotty PipenNote that he asked her before joining RHOMShe has to do it regardless.

“I did not ask him. But I said, ‘Hey, if I did, would you care? Housewife? ‘ But I paid attention earlier. And then he was like, ‘If you want to do this, do it.’ It comes down to our kids and the way we raise our kids is when we get along pretty well. So as far as I’m concerned, we’re in a better place, “he said.

“I love him. I feel like I need him,” he continued. “When we talk, I always say, ‘I love you. I hope you are well. ‘ I’m always going to be there for her. I think he’s always going there for me. Our foundation was based on love so I always have to go back to that. We talk a lot … probably more than most divorced couples. It’s more awkward for other people not to know how I am and how she is. We are the same co-guardian. If I need anything from him like a kid, I think he always does. “

Miami’s real housewife Season Five is expected to begin streaming on Peacock later this year.

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