Lenny’s GF Katharina joined Lisa Hochstein’s party

Lenny Hochstein's girlfriend Katharina joined him and Lisa at the Halloween party in 2021 and liked their favorite posts, see pictures with RHOM Star support

Lenny HochsteinGirlfriend, Katharina MajepaSeems like a family friend.

Just hours after the plastic surgeon confirmed his plans to divorce his now-divorced wife, Lisa HochsteinAnd the debut of her new romance, a photo of Katharina attending a Halloween party was posted on social media that she and Miami’s real housewife Cast member host.

In a shared story Bravo and cocktails On their Instagram page, Katharina featured a post. And in the post, the model is seen standing on the steps of Lisa and Lenny’s house on Miami’s super-exclusive Star Island.

“Yeah. Lenny’s – they say Halloween,” the outlet said.

Katharina Majepa joins Lisa and Lenny Hochstein's Halloween party

According to the outlet, Katharina deleted the photo, possibly in an attempt to hide any past connections with Lisa and his wife.

And Katharina didn’t just attend the couple’s Halloween party. He also responded to posts shared by Lenny and the two of them together, including a picture of Lisa sitting on Lenny’s lap, which Katharina “liked” and a picture of the two of them sitting next to each other at a poolside table, with an emoji-filled comment. .

RHOM Lenny Hochstein Girlfriend liked their post together

After learning, Lenny, who was involved in an “emotional affair” a few years ago, went public with the intention of divorcing Lisa. RHOM Nationalist, Gardi AbrairaShared a message of support for her on her Instagram page, which was liked by their co-star, Marisol Patton.

“To this strong, beautiful, and irresistible woman … we love you,” Guerdi wrote on May 16.

“I love you,” Lisa replied.

RHOM Guerdy Abraira supports Lisa Hochstein in divorce

Lisa also shared support on her Instagram story.

RHOM Lisa Hochstein Post Announces Post Divorce Support For Her Kids

In a statement to the press on Monday, Lenny said he was “doing his best to defend.” [his] The family “and requested privacy for her and Lisa” are children who refer to the world [them]”

“I do my best to avoid this for our children, whom we love dearly. We’ve been living apart for months and decided to divorce last month, “he said.” He continued talking about his relationship with Lisa.

But when Lenny claimed that Lisa was “well aware” of the state of their marriage, she claimed that she was “blinded” shortly after Lenny’s announcement.

Miami’s real housewife Season Five is currently in production and is expected to begin streaming on Peacock later this year.

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