Leo Horoscope June 2022: Prepare for a ride

Put your best foot forward, Leo. Your Leo June 2022 horoscope is here and it says you are on the threshold of a big advance in your career! In fact, you’re already noticing that things are getting easier to control, as Mercury’s retreat will end on June 3rd. As Mercury turns the train into the 10th house of your ambition, you are reconnecting with what inspires you and setting your sights much more than before.

By joining forces with Venus Uranus in the 10th house of your public image on June 11, you may be publishing a newsletter that publishes groundbreaking news. Don’t be surprised if you shake everyone in town! Whatever happens, it will reflect a new aspect of your career that has just begun to familiarize itself. And when Mercury enters your social 11th house on June 13th, you can feel like exposing yourself more and connecting with people who understand your point of view.

However, don’t get so lost in teamwork that you forget your passion projects. Since June 14th a full moon in Sagittarius starts fireworks in the fifth house of your fun and joy, you are enjoying how it feels to create art and share abundance with others. You want to be appreciated for your talent, but are you willing to show us first?

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You have accepted everything the spotlight has to offer, but when the sun begins to sleep in the 12th house of your spirituality on June 21st, you may be tempted to retreat. Give yourself time to rest before the party starts, as you are only a month away from the Leo season. It’s time to get your beauty rest! However, since Venus spreads her flirting power in your community-based 11th house, you are still keeping up with all the recent developments in your social scene. You may even find yourself falling for one of your BFF’s!

Internal exploration can bring * big * results, so don’t be afraid to look inwards. On June 28th, the Sun in Cancer will square with Jupiter in the ninth house of your knowledge and adventure, taking a path you never expected! You need a little spontaneity, so let the fire take you wherever you want. By planting the seeds of something new on June 28 as a new moon in Cancer, you can leave a heavy responsibility from your past. You don’t have to worry about it. What a job it is!

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