Life coach goes viral for opting out of a bouquet to pray for his single.

A bride goes viral for deciding to pray for her single friends instead of throwing a bouquet.

Last week, life coach Dr. Lekisha Dixon Jones Switch up a favorite traditional wedding moment. Instead of throwing his bouquet to his unmarried girlfriends, Jones chose to pray.

In an Instagram post, Jones prayed for each single friend.

“Praying for my single friends was not an option; they were there for me,” he wrote.

During his speech, Jones said that many of his single friends were like giving a bouquet to one. She reveals her journey with trying to find love.

“Most of you were on my sofa, we made phone calls, we cried, we prayed, we fasted and we prayed. And I think it’s just that my two bridesmaids are walking behind me as I give you your flowers. “

He continued, “My hope and joy is that your wait will not be in vain, and my joy is that God is going to bless you with a suitable man who is right for you. Because as I have prayed and you have prayed for me, now my I will never forget the time I cried and was alone. “

Jones shares his thoughts on people who get married and forget about their single friends. She says she was even told to stop chatting with her single friends because she is now married. However, Jones says he has refused to do so.

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