Lil Kid’s hometown has denied permission for a surveillance for the dead rapper

Lil Kidd’s hometown denies permission to keep an eye on the dead rapper.

After her untimely death, the city of Forest Park announced that they would not be keeping a planned surveillance site for Lil Kid. The reason for the city is that they are already expecting traffic from its primary election, which will be held on the same day as the surveillance.

In a statement, Forest Park city officials said, “In light of recent media reports and a number of upcoming events. Including the crucial general primary election next week. The city decided not to issue a special permit for a surveillance at Star Park on Tuesday, May 24th. Forest Park Police Department officials will take extra precautions next week. Blocking roads and parking at Star Park to help ensure the safety of the public in our community. Additional patrols will be carried out in all city parks and public recreation areas, as well as to address improved security measures.

They continued, “Although this may be a difficult time for many. The city is dedicated to ensuring the safety and well-being of our residents and businesses. It is our sincere hope that Mr. Render’s life will be peacefully celebrated by all who wish to remember him and his legacy.” Will be done. “

Lil Kidd died more than two weeks ago, on May 13th. Kid Young Thag’s record label was a part of YSL. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. It is believed that Kid was suffering from kidney failure.

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