Lil Nass responds to receiving nominations for the X Zero BET Award

BET Finally announced his nomination for the 2022 BET Award and it looks like Lil Nas X. Feeling we have ‘Run out of gas’ emotionally.

With 5 Grammy nominations, 6 iHeart Radio nominations, 6 MTV Video Music Award nominations and a comprehensive list of other awards and accolades, the “Call Me By Your Name” singer took to Twitter to share her frustrations with BET.

“Thank you bet prize. Again an outstanding zero nomination. Black Excellence!” He tweeted, “I tried to be too bad but it’s really” F “. You are so trivial ***, “he tweeted

His fans also seemed dissatisfied with the lack of recognition. One fan said, “Lil Nass is not receiving any awards at the XBET Awards, so I will no longer participate in the narrative, ‘Black Artists Should Return to the Black-centric Awards Show ৷ the anti-LGBT bigotry is clear.”

Looks like the BET award wasn’t the only one that Lil Was X had to defend himself. Someone tweeted, “What did you keep ??? And don’t use that gay sheet as an excuse, nobody cares anymore.” Lil replies, “IDK is probably 3 of last year’s biggest songs and a critically acclaimed album sunnytee_ I think it should have helped me a bit.

He has since deleted his tweets.

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