Lisa Rina alleges Kathy Hilton paid her 27 27,000 to harass her

RHOBH's Lisa Rinna complains Kathy Hilton paid Man $ 27,000

Kathy Hilton Has reportedly paid a marketing manager over $ 27,000 to spread negative stories about Lisa Brest.

After being accused of using a slur during production during a cast trip to Aspen The real housewife of Beverly Hills Season 12, Cathy is accused of being hired Patrick Somers The idea is to help her control some of the damage by planting stories and harassing Lisa.

“I have tea. I just got in touch with Patrick Somers, the kid who sent a text message threatening Rina last weekend. ” Your mothers are watching Shared June 2 on Instagram. “Rinna then posts the text and the baby posts Rinna’s number and it becomes a big thing. Well, she confessed to me that Kathy Hilton paid her to do it. . It turns out that Lisa Cathy did everything she could to divert attention from what she did in Aspen. “

Following the post, Lisa re-shared the message on her own page, saying, “Opsy Daisy.”

RHOBH Lisa Rinna responds to admissions from the marketing manager

He added in the deleted Instagram story, “Looks like the jig has gone up.”

RHOBH Lisa Rina says jig is over after alleged Kathy Hilton paid drama

Your mothers are watching He also shared several DMs he exchanged with Patrick, which can be seen in the shared screenshots. Bravo Snark Side On Instagram.

In one, Patrick confirms that he was paid to have a name that was rhyming with “Milton.”

Patrick Somers has suggested Kathy Hilton to Lisa Rina for the play

He then discussed his “one job” with this “client”.

“And it was a distraction from the client I was representing. It’s my job, “he explained.

Patrick Somers speaks of 'jobs' in Kathy Hilton's allegations

After the drama, Patrick posted a public statement on his Instagram page.

“My last assignment was against Lisa Reina. I do not disclose a client [sic] Personal information according to my NDA agreement, ”the message read. “My last marketing campaign was to get my client’s attention. I did just that. All the details associated with my latest campaign are false. I was paid $ 27,527.72 for my work. “

“There is no case. There are no new reality shows. And to be honest, I’ve never met Lisa Reina, “he added.

Patrick further suggested that it was “a coincidence” that he was forced to make the statement RHOBH Castra, along with Cathy and Lisa, participated in the MTV Movie and TV Awards.

Patrick Somers claims Lisa Rina's play was fabricated

In the play, a source close to Kathy spoke, denying the veracity of Patrick’s story.

RHOBH Kathy Hilton's story about Lisa Rina denies paying people for plants

The real housewife of Beverly Hills Season 12 airs Wednesday at 8 / 7c in Bravo.

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