Lisa Rina threatens legal action after Doxing Man!

Lisa Rinna threatens to take legal action after leaking human numbers as she claims that RHOBH Star's activities resulted in "Death threats, racial discrimination and harassment," Plus live viewing thread

Lisa Brest After posting a person’s phone number on Instagram, he was threatened with legal action when he told her he could “reveal” her.

A new tweet, which comes later The real housewife of Beverly Hills The cast member shared a screenshot of the text message from the man, whose number was not saved and was included in the screenshot, Patrick SomersThere are rumors that he has a relationship with her Kathy HiltonRevealed that he was “moving forward with legal action.”

“As many know [Lisa Rinna] Millions of people called and texted me in online attacks which gave millions access to my personal data. I have received death threats, racial discrimination and intimidation. Sit with me today [two] Attorney as we proceed with legal action, “he wrote, according to a shared screenshot. Bravo and cocktails On Instagram.

Patrick also included a picture of himself in a board room, where two people are sitting.

RHOBH threatens Lisa Rina with legal action after Patrick Somers leaked the number

After her phone number was leaked, Patrick had a heartbreaking message for Lisa, saying, “I suggest you remove your post before I sue you or leak your number because you think it’s my leak.” Acceptable. “

He then followed her threat by apparently including Lisa’s alleged phone number in another post.

“Why are you starting a drama about someone who, half your age, overpowered the ancient dinosaur?”[.] Anyway, here is Lisa’s number since she posted it to me, “she shared on Instagram.

According to Patrick, rumors spread about Lisa after learning that she was going to star in a new series, The real husband of the sunsetWhich will serve as a competing series RHOBH.

Also on social media this week, Patrick shared an Instagram story where he identified Lisa as mentally ill after docking.

“It’s called mental illness,” he wrote in response to a Twitter page mentioning that Lisa had been “blamed for posting nude to her mother within 48 hours of docking someone.”

“And I never said her husband was gay. A little rainbow emoji never hurts anyone but I mean if the shoe fits, ”he added.

The man accused RHOBH Lisa Rina of being mentally ill after docking

Others Lisa Brest News, she and husband Harry Hamlin Recently seen from a “never seen before” RHOBH Since they have discussed Harry’s style.

“When I first met Harry, he had a much more impressive closet than I do,” Lisa admits in a confessional confession that he was particularly impressed that she had eight $ 300 white shirts.

“Harry has some really nice pieces that he never wears,” he continued, agreeing to the Gucci suit he wore to their wedding and the “really gorgeous Prada raincoat” he kept in his closet.

Lisa went on to share why things between her and Harry were so spicy, “If you look like Harry Hamlin, you don’t even need his clothes.”

“She’s so lucky!” He added.

Then, back on the scene, Lisa told Harry that she was “the hottest looking 70-year-old.”

Harry replied, “You don’t have to say that.

“I’m sorry I had to!” He insisted.

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