Lisa Rinna Harry posts a receipt for texting satin

RHOBH's Lisa Rinna posted a receipt for Harry's text Satin's response, denouncing the actor's message as Satin "Strange" And Garcel suspects it came from Lisa

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Lisa Brest Her husband is giving a receipt to prove, Harry HamlinReached Sutton streak In an attempt to stop him, he was advised that the two of them had failed to thank him for inviting him Elton John2019 Oscar Party.

In a series of screenshots shared on her Instagram story over the weekend, The real housewife of Beverly Hills The cast member was seen texting about the subject of Harry’s text as he responded to Harry’s “WTF” and apparently confirmed that Sutton had not responded to her husband’s message.

In a group message with two others, one of whom was behind a screenshot, Lisa told a woman named Monique that Harry had reached Sutton.

“Uhhh .. how did it start?” Monik replied, in two separate messages.

“He wanted to send her a text so I gave her his number,” Lisa explained, confirming what Harry Sutton had asked, “Wtf?”

Lisa then tells Monique that Sutton “did not respond”, which probably means “did not respond” and texts, “If he said when he stopped.”

“I remember those moments,” Lisa added.

When Lisa captioned her post “Receipt”, many did not think that what she gave was a receipt. Instead, they asked for a screenshot of Harry’s text and questioned what his own messages proved.

In a “Never Before Scene” clip from last week’s episode RHOBHSutton was seen discussing Harry’s text message with a co-star Garcel Beauvais.

“I got a text, ‘This is Harry Hamlin. WTF?'” He revealed.

“What ?!” Garsell replied.

In addition to expressing condolences to Sutton, Garcel also addressed the issue in a confession, making it clear that he did not believe Harry was behind the message.

“Harry isn’t writing WTF. He’s not on the Internet, is he?” He asked.

Then, back on the scene with Sutton, Garsell said, “The number was a number you don’t know, obviously.”

“First of all, I don’t text other friends’ husbands. So why are they texting me? It’s weird, ”Sutton noted.

“It’s not about Harry Hamlin. I’m sorry. It’s not from Harry, “Garsell told his customer.” I don’t know, but my sense of speed – and I was in a Marvel movie. I can say – I can’t imagine Harry writing anything like that.

What Garcel thought was behind the message, he confessed, was that “Rina wrote that text.”

Although Sutton also claimed that he had invited Lisa and Harry to his table at the Oscar party and even read emails during the premiere where he offered his AmEx to pay for their tickets, Lisa provided her own receipts, revealing that she and Harry Was actually a guest on IMDb.

The real housewife of Beverly Hills Season 12 airs on Wednesdays in Bravo at 8 / 7c.

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