Lisa Rinna leaked text from a man threatening to “reveal” her

Lisa Rinna leaked the text from the man when she clapped her hands

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Lisa Brest It’s there again.

In the last few weeks, d The real housewife of Beverly Hills The star was involved in an Instagram attack against several of her customers.

Last week, it was seen Kathy Hilton Calling Lisa, shared a secret quote about narcissistic behavior. Now, there seems to be another mystery to solve.

On May 29, Lisa posted a screenshot of a text from a number that was not stored in her contacts.

The text said, “Lisa, you have to stop your rumors and lies about me. I can reveal a lot about you … “

Lisa writes at the top of the picture, “You’ve exposed yourself … Hey, you can’t wait to see what you’ve got to expose.”

The sender’s number was visible as soon as Lisa posted.

Many fans speculated that the sender was Cathy’s assistant. One fan even wrote, “I just called the number and they said ‘hello this is Kathy Hilton’s executive assistant.'”

Simultaneously named one Instagram user Patrick Somers Came out and demanded He Was the sender.

He wrote, “@lisarinna … I suggest you drop your post before suing or leaking your number because you think my leak is acceptable.”

He then appears to have kept his promise, posting a number belonging to Lisa.

“Why are you starting a drama with someone who, half your age, has overtaken the ancient dinosaurs?”[.] Anyway here is Lisa’s number since she posted me [number redacted]”Patrick wrote.

The user then explains, “Remember কারণ the reason is that the production has started in a series called ‘Real Swami’s Sunset’ and the series is set to compete with real housewives and it has all the male cast.” . . . (I’m a member) We met Lisa to get some pointers for our first season and the drama started from the beginning.

Patrick added, “I don’t really like drama … but imagine a 70-year-old woman [sic] I’m starting to play with you because you tried to check on him personally. “

Recently, Lisa published another series of cryptic posts, some of which seem to address Kathy’s own posts about narcissists.

First, Lisa revealed, “When you don’t have a story line and you’re annoying, I guess you have to push against something and ask a lot of questions. Right? Ha. Annoying.”

Lisa then shared two quotes about the narcissist. The first reads, “Narcissists do not always see themselves as victims, no matter how horrible they may be to others.” The problem for them is not their false deception theft and abuse. The problem is that you’re starting to notice these things. “

The second said, “Don’t let anyone blame you for what they did. Blaming the abuse is what the abusers do. “

In the other two posts, the actress wrote, “I laughed all the way to the bank. Honey, “and,” I was put on this earth to shed feathers. “

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