Lisa Vanderpump Rift, KY Move, Britney Cartwright in Stacey

Brittany Cartwright talks about moving to Kentucky, Lisa separates from Vanderpump, plus where she stands with the Vanderpump Rules cast, and Stacy after the play unfollows, plus the biggest misconception of fans _________________________________________ _________________________________________ Click on the link in the bio #VanderpumpR VanderpumpRules BravoTv #RealityTv #RealityTVNews

Brittany Cartwright Setting a direct record about him and Jacques TaylorGoing to Florida.

Jacques told a fan at the Cameo just a week after he and his wife were “going to be there soon” Vanderpump rules Alum said that he and Jacques would actually move to Kentucky, where he came from, as well as his current relationship. Lisa Vanderpump And other members of his former show.

“I miss my family and friends in Kentucky like … one hundred percent we’ll finally be back to family … I really think so,” Brittany said in the May 23 episode. Behind the velvet rope with David Yontef Podcast “We want to have more babies, so it would be nice to help out … we don’t have a babysitter yet.”

Although Brittany’s mother, Sherry CartwrightTravels to Los Angeles from time to time to help their one-year-old son, Cruise Michael CowchiBrittany said that once she and Jacques, who had been in LA for more than 10 years, decided to have more children, help from her family would become more necessary.

“Once our family grows up, it will be much easier … to be close to the family… my mother and my father, I know they feel like they missed a lot of Cruise’s life … they want to see him. I send them pictures and accessories all the time. And I’m just, I’m kind of sad that we’re so far away, “says Brittany.

Although Brittany and Jacques are currently far away from their family, Sherry is scheduled for a tour.

“Jacques and I are actually going to come out … and I’m just excited about it … we need to revive our romance,” Brittany admits.

After welcoming Cruz in April 2020, when Brittany was asked if she had received any parenting advice from Lisa, Brittany admitted that she and Jacques “didn’t really give it to him” before confirming that he and Jax had received a gift for their young son.

“I love Lisa in death and I think she’s amazing… when Cruz was about eight weeks old… she sent me some presents and things. And I tested him whenever he had an accident with a horse … and he said he missed us and things, “Brittany shared.

That said, Brittany added that she thought her relationship with Lisa would be out of her and Jacques’ last moments. Pump rules.

“We don’t hear from him as much as I thought we would, which is a bit sad,” Brittany admitted. “[Jax] Doesn’t really say anything about it, but I’m sure if you ask him he’ll probably be a bit of that মতো like all the filming and stuff he was really close to. So I just want it to go a little bit, but we’ll see. “

For her relationship with Lala and Stacey, who is with her husband Beau ClarkNot recently followed by Jacques, Brittany said he was very close to both women – and their one-year-old daughters, Ocean and Hartford, respectively.

“I talk to them all the time and we always want to get the kids together. Me and Stacy and Lala, we’re mom and my class every Wednesday. They’ve just finished, but we’ve been doing it all together, “he explained.

Concerning Sheyana bedBrittany, who has a one-year-old daughter, Summer Moon, admits she doesn’t see him as other women.

“He really lives in San Diego and is always around. But at any time we can all get together and the thing is great,” he noted.

Also during the podcast episode, Brittany stated that the biggest misconception about her and Jax was “the way. [they] Combined. “

“I hate that some people still think for some reason, people are like, ‘You met him at his DM.’ I think, ‘That was not me. That was his girlfriend or something else. That was not me. ‘ He came to me at the bar. I didn’t go to him, “he explained.

Brittany then adds that having a relationship on reality TV has not always been easy.

“It can be very difficult for you to go through ups and downs when you see fights and things,” he said. “But at the same time, like this, if you are followed by a camera all the time, do you really think that he will not say something wrong every moment? Or at least a fight or something? “

Vanderpump rules 10 seasons are expected to go into production in the coming months.

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