Listen to Black Women: Self Care Episode

Its women Madame Noyer The “Listen to Black Women” series once again contains in-depth conversations with relevant melanin magic makers on relevant hard-hitting topics.

Hosts Jesse Woo, Tiffany Nicole Irwin, and Terin Finlay have joined “Self Care in Real Life” author Tie Alexander to emphasize the importance of self-care and restoring beauty from within.

“What have you changed in your life in the name of self-care?” Asks Uke.

Women are journaling her self care tool that shares various answers and Ty.

Alexander shares “thoughts, feelings, emotions প্রয়োজন these need a place to be outside your brain.” “Also, looking back at your journal helps you remember what you’re already living in, reminding the Finlay group.”

See the details of an official episode below.

In today’s world taking care of yourself takes a little more purpose than a trip to the gym and retail therapy. This week, the women in Listen to Black Women dig deeper into the bestselling author, podcaster, DJ, and wellness blogger Tie Alexander to embrace and share their care journey to protect our mental and emotional health. .

Watch the full conversation above and tune in to “Listen to Black Women” every Thursday on YouTube. Stay tuned for the new episode!

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