# ListenToBlackwomen’s ‘Hey, Big Money!’ Episode Explores Taking Charge Off

“Heiiiiiii, big money!”

Its women Madame Noyer The “Listen to Black Women” series once again contains in-depth conversations with relevant melanin magic makers on relevant hard-hitting topics.

Organizers Tiffany Nicole Ervin, Taryn Finley, and Chris Miss have joined Brianna Thompson, an entrepreneur and founder of Speed ​​Spin, to find out the truth about money and to explore what it is. Really Like taking responsibility for their financial freedom for black women.

“Today we’re talking about money, that money,” Tiffany said in the introduction to the episode. “Money for next year, that” coming to America “means for your kids to enjoy and for your kids and their kids – but are we taking the smart steps we need to take to acquire and keep our resources?” He asked.

See the details of an official episode below.

When it comes to big money in the long run, black women are now taking on more of their financial future. Entrepreneur and founder of SpicD Spin Brianna Thompson joins women to get real about money. We are talking about breaking the curse of generations, expanding the mindset of money and sowing seeds for future generations. Listen to all of this and much more in this week’s episode of Black Women!

What steps are you taking to ensure that you are gaining financial independence? If you’re still struggling to answer, you might want to tune in to get some good tips!

Watch the full conversation below and tune in to “Listen to Black Women” every Thursday on YouTube. Stay tuned for the new episode!

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