Lush Cosmetics’ Gay Is OK Soap LGBTQ + raises money for people’s legal defense.

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Lush is playing a role in taking a stand against the so-called “Don’t Say Gay” bill, which is actually called “Parental Rights in Education”. Lush’s Gay Is OK Soap raises awareness of the discriminatory bill that went into effect in Florida on July 1, as well as raising money for the legal protection of LGBTQ + people. “Help us create a safe, supportive and welcoming place for LGBTQ + people as we promote Equality Florida’s efforts against the recently passed Florida Hate ‘Don’t Say Gay’ Act,” Lush said on his website.

Hateful right. According to Politico, The bill prohibits teachers from reading about gender identity or sexual orientation for kindergarten students. This keeps these lessons away from older students unless they are “age-appropriate or developmentally appropriate.” It’s clear that Florida GOP Gov. Ron Descentis doesn’t understand the difference between normal gender identity and sexual orientation and, well, gender. Not to mention, what the bill implies is that you can happily talk about direct and heterosexual relationships.

Oh, and it gets worse. For this, schools need to let parents know if a student is transgender, or really Any At times they want to monitor a child’s “mental, emotional, or physical health or well-being.” The law gives rights to parents Case If schools keep any information about their children secret, teachers will no longer be able to support their students in their gender or sexual journey. As Politico Explaining, the bill is already targeting these supportive teachers needed by children at school, such as the president of Sarassota County’s Pine View School’s first public homosexual class, Jander Morikz, who was asked not to talk about her LGBTQ activism.

This is where Lush’s contribution to Equality Florida comes into play By buying this gay is OK soap, Lush Equality is raising $ 50,000 to support the Florida Legal Defense Fund. It will help teachers, school administrators and students push back against the bill.

    Lush Is Pushing Back Against Floridas Don't She Gay Bill With A Charitable (And Cute!) Soap

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The glossy gold soap bar is made from moisturizing cocoa butter, refreshing grapefruit oil and petigrain oil. It is package-free and self-preserving so all you need is a dry place for it in your shower and it will last for several months. Charitable and sustainable? Sign us up.

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