Madison Lacroy Demotion, Page and Craig speak

Madison Lecroy of Southern Charm says she hopes "Craig is good" In Page romance, seemingly reported submissive reactions, and honeymoon talk.

Madison Lecroy Is weighed on Craig ConverRelationship with Paige DeSorbo.

After years of conflict over her past relationship with Craig Austin Kroll And that’s what she claims about her supposed relationship with him Alex “A-Rod” RodriguezThe Southern Charm The cast member says he hopes “Craig is good” before apparently discussing his reported decline and his honeymoon plans with his fiance. Brett Randall.

A “huge fan” of

“Love Page, I think she’s adorable,” Madison said via e during an Amazon livestream earlier this week! News. “He can’t do anything wrong.”

According to Madison, he is a “huge fan” of Page, who has moved to Charleston temporarily and is expected to appear in eight seasons, but Craig seems to have doubts about his ability to be “good”.

“I hope Craig is well. I know she loves him. I hope they stay together because I want him more often, “Madison explained.

For his seemingly diminished role, Madison made it clear that he had no plans to leave the show.

“You all need to know, I know there was some confusion, I’m not going anywhere and I’m still there. You have to understand that my priorities have changed a lot since I was in this mix many years ago, “she said, agreeing to her engagement to Brett and the ongoing care of her nine-year-old son Hudson. She shares it with her ex-husband Josh Hughes.

Not only is Madison leaving the show, she is actually planning to return for the ninth season of the series and hopes to share her wedding plans with the camera at that time.

“Hopefully everyone stays together, and we can get one more season, and hopefully you’ll see when a lot more of the wedding planning can happen,” he teased.

Also during the livestream, via US Weekly, Madison said that she and Brett were considering Africa for their honeymoon.

“We are thinking of going to South Africa, the ton of people who have recommended and liked it,” he said. “I don’t think we’ll go there any other time and I think it will be a very luxurious trip.”

“[And] Since the connecting flight is in Paris, I recommend that we stay there for two to three nights, “Madison added.

Southern Charm Season Eight premieres on Thursday, June 23, at 9 / 8c in Bravo.

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