Malaysia Pergo basketball wives explain her beef with brandy

Ex-friend file news …

Basketball wife

Source: VH1 / Basketball Wives

Malaysia Pergo is revealing that the real reason for what he said is that his friendship with his longtime best friend has ended.

As previously reported, “Basketball Wives” fans are watching Malaysia and its former best brandy Maxiel bow their heads.

Basketball wife

Source: VH1 / Basketball Wives

In the season 10 premiere, Brandi complained that Malaysia did not call him after his father died.

The two had not spoken for three years and the tension between them was remarkably high.

“Who told Brandi that I said we’re good ?!” One confused Malaysian at one point asked fellow basketball wives. “Because obviously, we all see that we are not.”

“I don’t miss him,” he added later.

Malaysia complains that this is a “real” problem for Brandy

In the latest episode of the show, viewers see Malaysia recovering from her problems with Brandy with Jail Swag before “Love and Hip Hop”. The reality star apparently has beef with Brandy and he told Malaysia that they were in conflict after trading derogatory remarks about each other’s families.

Later in the show, things explode after the Malaysian prisoner was brought to a “meat market” that brought co-worker Duffy British Williams together to get a new boo. Jail and Brandi did not clash, but her presence annoyed Jennifer Williams, who had previously eaten beef with the prisoner. Malaysia reassured Jennifer that she had not brought the prisoner to the event to be rude — and it somehow jumped Brandi and summoned Malaysia.

“You know what you did when you brought the fisherman into the whole situation,” Brandi said. “Run your own business!”

That moment had to be separated by the safety of the women and Malaysia revealed what she thought was really bothering Brandi.

“I did not want it,” said Malaysia. “You’ve been sitting in your f **** g basement for four years and you’re looking for a reason. I’m not because you don’t show up. I’m not going to stop my work because you didn’t keep your mouth shut. If anything, I’ve tried to put you on the show but no one will take pictures with you.


Fans agree with Malaysia and they think the shooting on the show is really eating away at her ex friend. They also agreed to do “his best” to keep his friend in touch with Malaysia.

What do you think of this ex-friend file? Do you think Brandi is really upset that he got boots from “Basketball Wives”?

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