Malia White Why She’s Not Under Deck Made Season 7

Malia White explains why she's not under Deck Made Season 7, talking under the deck and if she'll be back on the show

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Beneath the deck of the Mediterranean Malia White The role he played in the shooting of the main stew has provoked some strong reactions Hannah Ferrier During the show’s season five. After the fallout, Malia decides not to return to the franchise for Season Seven, but not for the reason you thought before.

Per showbiz cheatsheet, in an appearance Brandy Glanville Brandy Glanville Unfiltered In the podcast, Malia talks about her departure from the show. “I didn’t leave because of what happened,” he said. “For example, I don’t feel bad for any part of me Under the deck Or whatever happened. “

Malia keeps repeating that this has nothing to do with Hannah’s defeat, but rather that she is taking a break from the show to study for a new license and focus on the second season of her podcast. Total ship show.

“I did not leave for that reason,” Malia explained. “I did not leave. Not that I will never return to the show. I’m just not there next season. I got a really bad scooter accident. And I’m studying for this big oral [exam], So this is a good time for me to take a break and take a step back. And misconceptions are emerging [that] I got a lot of heat for the whole Hannah thing and all these things. Like this, I have no regrets or worries about the show. What has happened has happened and it is time to move on. Everyone has learned, and it’s time to move on. “

Malia’s time with the franchise is not over if she has anything to say about it. He says he can now return to higher positions because he has an “officer’s ticket”.

“They know where to find me,” he said.

Full down for the other spinoffs of the Maliao franchise, including Sailing yacht under deck Or Down under the deck. Malia said she likes diving, so Down below Would be a perfect fit. Also, although he is not a skilled sailor like a diver, he would love the opportunity to work with him Captain Glenn Shepherd And Daisy KeliharWith whom he met at the NBC Upfront event that almost every Bravolebrity crowded to promote their respective shows.

“When I saw Down below There’s all this diving and stuff, I was like, ‘Hey, how come I’m not going Down below? ‘ I’d like to go diving in Australia. So yes, I definitely want to go there. And the captain is awesome. Captain Jason [Chambers]. I met her when we were in Fort Lauderdale, we were both taking classes and we ran into each other and yes, she just seemed like an absolute gem, ”said Malia.

For Sailing yacht under deck?

“After meeting those people in New York, I never wanted to sail or say anything else. There was a lot of fun like in New York, and Daisy felt like an explosion. If I could get on the ship, I would definitely be there with her and Glenn. But they have to teach me first, ”he joked.

Below the deck med There are currently breaks. However, if you are interested, make sure you are in the first season of Malia Total ship show Podcast, which is now in the process of recording its second season.

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