Margaret Joseph At the moment she almost leaves RHONJ, Shades Jane

Margaret Joseph talks about the moments she almost left RHONJ, how she was abused by the co-stars and "Judicial" Jennifer Aidin, plus Noella is almost leaving RHOC

Margaret Josephus Exit almost The real housewife of New Jersey The show has seemed a bit unfocused in recent episodes of its five seasons.

Margaret talks about her challenging moments as she and her crew begin production on the show’s upcoming 13th season Sigi Flickr And Daniel Dust Also time to talk Jennifer AidenIts Season 12 hypocrisy as a colleague The real housewife Star Noella Bergner Explained why he almost quit The real housewife of Orange County.

“Twice in my five seasons so far I’ve wanted to leave the show,” said Margaret Bravo. Housewife to housewife. “In my first season, I wanted to leave because Sigi called me anti-Semitic, which was very, very annoying … my family, my ex-husband’s Jew. I did everything to the Jews and he didn’t know it. “

Although Margaret was shocked to hear Sigi’s claim against her, she finally chose to stay on the show when everyone gathered around her and Sigi was dropped from the Season Nine cast.

“The next time my hair was pulled … because it was trimmed,” Margaret continued, seemingly agreeing. Teresa JudisIts involvement.

“I poured water on Daniel. [But] He hit me in the chest before [and] I felt the transgression, “Margaret noted.” My reaction was that she was coming into my space, so I probably shouldn’t have poured water on her. “

According to Margaret, she told herself at the time, “It’s not for me. I’m not doing this anymore.” Then, the next morning, after Daniel felt “crossed the line,” he decided to continue filming.

In the most recent season, Season 12, Margaret finds herself at odds with Jennifer after revealing her husband. Bill AydinIt’s a thing of the past. But while many believe he did it to embarrass Jennifer, he claims that the way Jennifer treated her and talked about her marriage to him exposed Bill’s deception. Gentleman JoeWith whom he met at the time of marriage.

“I didn’t think it would cut him to the core. He was very aggressive with me all the time and I had no idea he was so fragile, “admitted Margaret. “She is OK. Now, I didn’t think about it, because I’m not good enough to judge. But it was about his hypocrisy. Because he was so judgmental about me and the way I met Joe and trashed me. But I was like, ‘But you protect your husband, keep him at your feet.’ What sets him apart from me? “

“He can’t project on me,” Margaret added.

In its own segment Housewife to housewifeNoella said that after her husband, James BergnerHe left her suddenly as soon as he started production RHOC Season 16, he was thinking of leaving the show.

“Oh yeah, when my husband left, of course. I didn’t think this time or place was so public,” she explained.

But after initially closing it with his co-stars, he decided to stay.

“I noticed it was a show that got me out of bed … and initially, the women were so amazing, and so I was a bit deceived,” he recalled. “I was, ‘It’s going to be really positive and uplifting. It’s going to be nice.’

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